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The South African Government is out of control and cannot dissolve the growing corruption within its departments. Who is behind the government? Is the question to ask. A proper government would care for its citizens first and foremost. The current and historical facts give an outline of who is in charge, who is pulling the strings and manipulating the powers of this country and the world. Is it the secret society of Jewish individuals that hide behind and control the Taliban? The same Jewish bankers who potentially manipulated the world since 1913?

The defense force of South Africa is managed by a hoard of incompetent generals who know absolutely nothing about leadership

The chief of the defense force was ranked into this high position after suspension from duties of an allegation pertaining to misconduct relating to Intelligence Technology tenders. A lot of money exchanged hands and enriched officers of the army. Top dogs had the facilities to buy farms and own expensive cars with funds of corruption.

The Chairperson of the National Conventional Arms Committee (NCACC), who runs the Arms Industry has been, according to allegations, a spy for the South African Special Forces (SASF) since pre-1994 and is still under their control. The SASF had a surmountable budget even though they did not represent more than 600 members, yet this unit was exempt from filing financial reports to the Office of the Auditor General for the past three years. This constitutes a recipe for large scale theft.

Denel the state owned arms manufacturer, has the facilities to build a Ratel (infantry fighting vehicle) at an estimated cost of R8 million, yet they chose the Hoefyster, the Patria from Finland – the chassis from Finland’s and a local turret from one of Denel’s own divisions – at an astronomical cost of R42 million each. There are sufficient instances of how costs in the arms industry accelerate from poor business management. This evident splurge of money wasted could be used in other critical areas of the country like education or medical facilities.

There is no civic pride among the generals of the SANDF; there is no knowledge of leadership. The Minister of Defense, Ms Nosiviwe Noluthando Mapisa-Nqakula a formidable woman indeed does not have the certainty of the situation.

The SANDF enforce their powers and incorporate the Intelligence Services, the Revenue Services and HAWKS (special crime fighting unit) to do their bidding. The intricate sleeve of a weaved maze between the departments create a vast network of corruption, fraud and mismanagement. The previous Minister of Defense Me Lindiwe Sisulu was rumored to be using the South African Air Force as her own private taxi in order to shuttle from Pretoria to Cape Town. This was for the purpose of being able to visit her son who was studying at the University of Stellenbosch, thirty minutes from Cape Town.

The difference between right and wrong is understood by most people, but its truth that must be told. The problem with the South African government  is deeply rooted into a system of control, dominant authority and a foundation of power. The lies and deceit of corruption must be exposed, and it is in the interests of survival to uncover the truth.

This is a beautiful country and filled with people ensnared by a massive financial defense game. It is the case of people strangling on its own greed. Explanations are given to justify the crime. The information is inaccurate, it is written by villains perpetrating the lies.

The South African government structures are corrupt controlled mechanisms of the super rich. There is no involvement of ordinary citizens within this vast network of deceit. The continuation of the corrupt, power control stems from history, and there is no stopping this beast from ruining the real fundamental basic human rights until the truth is exposed.

Religious leaders have failed miserably to protect the people. They have the ability to stop this incessant carnage. The religious leaders have surrendered to the powers of the government and live in the enticements of luxury and distort the truth.

Can this vast out of control governance continue? Somewhere within the structures of deceit, will be a weak link and this can collapse the entire system into destruction of travesty. Will President Jacob Zuma realize the overwhelming problems people are creating? These corrupt shenanigans live so close to the president, it would be difficult to discern who is honest. Does this all stem from the so-called struggle accounting condoned by the late President Mandela? The struggle accounting was used to gloss over all the discrepancies relating to funds missing in the struggle period. Funds received from donors were misappropriated but were accounted for by using the term “struggle accounting”?

Whilst the ANC only got its struggle into momentum after visiting band and receiving advice from the Vietnamese General Von Giap, they did not take the lessons to heart pertaining to discipline from the Vietnamese.

The 2014 elections to be held this year will once again enforce the corruption of the past into the future. Who will win the governance of South Africa and how much corruption will be hidden away from the voters? The people who are misled and deceived by the leaders of the political parties will continue to be intimidated and offered empty promises by candidates. It is written in the past, it is written in the future and there is no insight of an ending to the wicked unscrupulous methods of the South African government. This is South Africa and it is part of a worldwide corrupt system, controlled by forces we do not know. A government out of control and a future of continued disgrace, until the truth is told.

Editorial By Laura Oneale


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