Sperm-Bots May Make He-Man and Chimpanzee Man Redundant for Women

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Bringing cheer to every feminist on this planet, scientists and engineers from the University of Illinois have developed sperm shaped bots which may even have the potential to make every he-man and chimpanzee man redundant for women.

These synthetic bots have been developed with a capacity to self propel through biological fluids present inside a body and behave and look like a twin brother to sperms. The bots are being programmed for a vast application in the field of medicines as well as to extract environmental benefits.

However, the possibility of these bots to one day become a viable source of sperm which can even hunt down the elusive egg for 100% conception efficiency would have all the feminists jumping in joy by envisioning the end of male domination in the society.

Chimpanzees too would not be very happy with the development as they were bought into the world limelight recently by researchers for their ability to share and communicate with hand gestures and the first experiments of this technology could be on them making every male chimpanzee vulnerable to being ignored by their female counter-parts.

The ‘bio’-bots or hybrid machines were introduced to the scientific community in the January 17 edition of the Journal Nature Communications. The bots with its nano-micro size has been designed by the researches with a flexible head and a tail giving it a similar look to sperm.

Made of flexible polymer, the tail section called flagella enables the probe to swim around the body and dual-tail-ended bots with higher speed capability compared to single tail has been also developed.

Lead investigator, Taher Saif, interacting after the release was of the opinion that only with a micro-scope can one take a look at the vast universe encompassing micro-organisms. He added that it’s for the first time that this very universe has man-made systems swimming across in it.

But the similarity in looks that the bots have with a sperm is what has led to wildfire like spread from activists in the possibility that these sperm-bots will make every chauvinistic he-man and chimpanzee man redundant to the woman folk in their respective species.

This findings and innovation can bring in a new vigor to the field of medicine where the ‘bio-bots’ can target specific areas and cells in a body and initiate action there. Malignant cells like cancer cells, tumors and other toxins present inside the human anatomy can be singled out and treated without any form of damage to the rest of the body.

The current form of treatment to such diseases have such great side-effects that it sometimes leaves the patient reeling under the damages for months and even years. Examples of the same can be found in patients treated for cancerous cells and tumors with radioactive material leading to permanent cell damage in some cases and painful treatment for months before the disease can be cured.

With further research and development these bots can be trained to bring relief to the countless women on this planet who are struggling to conceive and have to endure months of patient wait for conceiving through methods like artificial insemination. These bots can be used to deliver sperm directly to the egg with precision accuracy avoiding multiple and expensive try-outs to conceive through artificial insemination.

However, the research on chimpanzee which encouraged collaboration between the primates and humans will be useful after all. The He-man and chimpanzee-man of the planet can find solace and relate with each other better with a comforting chat after these sperm bots make them redundant for women.

By Daris Abraham



4 Responses to "Sperm-Bots May Make He-Man and Chimpanzee Man Redundant for Women"

  1. Larry B.   January 20, 2014 at 3:40 am

    AUTHOR: Are you a complete moron?

  2. Aaron   January 20, 2014 at 2:06 am

    The author of this article has a very anti-male bias and is omitting a lot of information. This Biobot is 2 millimeters long while sperm are around 55 microns. I’m just going to put it out there that it’s too big to slip into an egg and initiate conception. There are also a lot of chemical interactions that go on during conception between an egg and a sperm that a Biobot made of heart cells can’t imitate. I could go on and on but we’re nowhere near the point of creating sperm-bots. This author is trying to insert his/her own bias into a topic he/she shouldn’t even be writing about.

  3. jgjhg   January 20, 2014 at 2:01 am

    Most sex happens for pleasure. I dont think men will be vanishing anytime soon. 🙂

  4. Joshua   January 20, 2014 at 12:49 am

    “which can even hunt down the elusive egg for 100% conception efficiency would have all the feminists jumping in joy by envisioning the end of male domination in the society.”

    This sounds like some pure Nazi hatred here. What eugenic psycho anti-male scumbag wrote this nonsense that thinks they can speak for all of feminism and seems to be celebrating destroying men? What the hell kind of article is this?


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