Steam Holiday Encore Sale Ends Tomorrow Night

Steam encore sale ends soon

If you love saving and video games then your are probably already very familiar with Steam and the deals they offer. It is true that the humble bundles are often treasure troves but, this holiday sale has been a steal. Still going on as the encore sale, Steam continues to offer heavily discounted video games until January third. Steam certainly knows how to start the new year off right.

Steam has a tendency to blow minds with low prices. This encore sale brings back some of the Christmas deals as well as other additions. It is likely that at least something here will peak your interest. To begin with, here are some deals ranging anywhere from 20 percent to 60 percent off:

The Stanley Parable $8.99 (40 percent off)
Dead Skin $4.99 (50 percent off)
Call of Duty Ghosts $40.19 (33 percent off)
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag $44.99 (25 percent off)
Payday 2 $13.49 (55 percent off)
Batman Arkham Origins $24.99 (50 percent off)
Castle Story $13.39 (33 percent off)
The Walking Dead Season Two $18.74 (25 percent off)
Total War Rome II $29.97 (50 percent off)
Saints Row IV $31.99 (60 percent off)
Football Manager 2014 $24.99 (50 percent off)

That is only the beginning. If you are looking for the big deals you will be happy to find plenty. Some of these titles come highly recommended such as The Stanley Parable and Total War Rome II.

This encore Steam sale features a huge array of majorly discounted great games. A good number of these are also AAA games that rarely go this low. Here are most of the games discounted by at least 75 percent:

Bioshock Infinite $9.99 (75 percent off)
Bioshock 2 $15.19 (81 percent off)
Bioshock $15.19 (81 percent off)
Far Cry 3 $7.49 (75 percent off)
Skyrim $7.49 (75 percent off)
Tomb Raider $9.99 (80 percent off)
Civilization V $7.49 (75 percent off)
Just Cause 2 $2.99 (80 percent off)
Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition $5.99 (80 percent off)
Borderlands 2 $7.49 (75 percent off)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown $9.99 (75 percent off)
Age of Empires HD Edition $4.99 (75 percent off)
Garry’s Mod $2.49 (75 percent off)
Dishonored $7.49 (75 percent off)

Strategy fans can go crazy with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Civilization V, as well as Age of Empires II. Shooter fans have Borderlands 2 and Bioshock Infinite. The brutal gamers can give Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition a shot if they are up to the challenge. So many great choices to be made.

If you spent most of your money on Christmas and are feeling the strain this sale may be your best shot to nab some great titles at huge discounted prices. There are more deals than what is shown here, but this is a good summary of many of the great deals apart of the Steam encore sale. Remember that the deals change and that this will be ending tomorrow night.

Some of these titles (such as Skyrim for example) are pretty lengthy games and picking them up at such prices will probably lead to a full inventory of games to play over the year. It seems as though the next super huge Steam sale will happen in the summer, so keep that in mind when looking over such deals. This Steam encore sale is certain to make a few people happy. Thanks Steam.

By Garrett Jutte
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