Subway Endorsed by Michelle Obama

Subway Endorsed by Michelle Obama

Subway is being endorsed by the First Lady Michelle Obama in a national campaign to help fight childhood obesity.  The worldwide franchise with the motto EAT FRESH!, has pledged $41 million over a three year period to join forces with the Partnership for a Healthier America.  The First Lady was on hand today at a local Subway restaurant in Washington D.C. to announce the joint venture in her ongoing Let’s Move campaign against childhood obesity.  Obama has been working diligently with schools and restaurants since 2010 to promote her cause and concern.

The restaurant is in full swing with the endorsement as it has also seen positive results in weight loss and healthy food choices over the years.  The new campaign will feature new advertisements, in-store promotions and other initiatives involving the First Lady, some of the famous Muppets such as Elmo and other well known spokespeople.  Subway spokesperson and Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer Michael Phelps joined Obama in today’s announcement.

Opting for more fruits and vegetables is key in the Let’s Move campaign.  As a mother, and one to who is aware of good health, Obama is happy to endorse and promote the new options Subway is offering to consumers.  The Fresh Fit for Kids Meals was started in 2007  by Subway and features apples as a side instead of chips and water or low-fat milk opposed to sodas.  Subway Vice-President for Research and Development and Operations, Suzanne Greco, is pleased to have the First Lady on board.

As Michelle Obama continues the cause of fighting childhood obesity, let us not forget the Subway Guy, Jared Fogle. Good eating and healthy eating choices have been a focus of the chain for well over a decade.  Fogle planned his own weight loss program centered around the Subway menu and lost 245 pounds in a year.  He quickly rose to fame with his story and became the restaurant’s number one spokesperson.

The usual fare of veggies are always present with peppers, onions, tomatoes and lettuce.  Fogle, a business student from Indiana University had relied on fast food and led a lonely life until he discovered more options with Subway.  He shed the extra weight by relying on the veggies instead of cheese, mayo and oil on his typical sub sandwich.  The results were amazing and were chronicled in a article that led to his success as the Subway Guy.

Starring in over 300 commercials and displaying his 60 inch waist jeans, Fogle had been an inspiration and encouragement for over 15 years.  His dream of living well, traveling and meeting new people has provided a nice life for him and his net worth is reported at around $15 million.  Fogle still frequents the restaurant and continues to motivate others in their weight loss goals and health.

Fogle is married with two small children, has run the New York City Marathon and is doing what he loves.  He started the Jared Fogle Foundation to help fight childhood obesity and will surely be meeting with Obama to continue the efforts.

Subway is a clean, quick and happy place for healthy food.  Eating out does have options as many join in the cause for healthier lives.  First Lady Obama is well on her way to a good a path in her cause and a new partnership by endorsing Subway.  As Fogle will still say, moderation and balance are the keys to a successful diet and lifestyle.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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