Taylor Swift Charity Tops in 2013

Taylor Swift named most charitable

Throughout the year 2013 and when looking back on it there were many stories that revolved around country star, Taylor Swift. While it is always easy to remember the moments of the year fans are now remembering one of the most important things about Taylor’s career – all of the good that was given to others. This year according to dosomething.org Taylor Swift was the celebrity who brought the most good as her charity topped the list of all celebrity charity in the year 2013.

Taylor Swift has always been a generous contributor to a variety of charities, organizations, and individuals. In the year 2013 she made many donations that proved that she enjoys spending her money and her time on helping others.

The most recent gift in headlines is the phone call made by Taylor Swift to the eight-year-old girl Delaney “Laney” Brown who was suffering from Leukemia. One of the girl’s wishes on her bucket list was to have the opportunity to talk to her favorite star, Taylor. Swift Facetimed the girl before her passing away on Christmas. The story stole the hearts of many as Laney received many of the wishes on her bucket list thanks to Swift, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, and other generous people.

She also joined Prince William on Bon Jovi on stage to sing for homeless youth in November and she made news in September when she met with a boy by the name of Grace Markel, 7, who wanted to meet Taylor after an accident that left him badly injured.

But these acts, while the most recent, are not the only top charitable contributions that came attached with Taylor Swift’s name in the year 2013. In fact, Taylor has been doing good deeds all year, hence the reason why she was named the top most charitable celebrity of dosomething.org‘s list.

This will be the second year in a row that Swift was given that title on Do Something. In previous years some of her contributions included donating $4 million to the Country Hall of Fame Museum, donating her time to places like Kid’s Choice Awards, combating internet sex crimes on kids with the governor, as well as, donations to Red Cross, UNICEF, Shriner’s Hospitals, Feeding America and many more. In 2013 some of Taylor Swift’s top charity contributions included donating $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony (on her birthday) and headlining an event in London for an organization known as Centrepoint for kids who experience homelessness.

By being named the top most charitable giver Taylor Swift in 2013 she beats out runner-ups like beloved boy band, One Direction, Wal-mart gift buyer and “Chime for Change” headliner Beyonce, and the recently deceased Paul Walker.

While focusing on the most charitable contributions of 2013 it is no surprise that many celebrities come in top rank, as they seem to enjoy spending their millions on helping others.

A new year starts today giving the opportunity for celebrities to give more throughout the year and help more people in need. Next year we can see if Taylor Swift makes the top as the third year in a row most charitable contributing celebrity or if some other celebrity pulls up to number one. Many around the world have been thankful for the donations and support that these top celebrities have provided in times of need and many will be hopeful in the next year that their cause will be heard and supported. So here’s to a charitable 2014 (hint, hint Taylor).

By Crystal Boulware

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