Taylor Swift Construction is a Beach

Taylor Swift renovates next to beach.

We all know that figuring out how to spend your millions can be rough but since her welcome into stardom Taylor Swift has had no problem deciding where to spend her money whether it be on her million dollar mansions or even charities. But even million dollar mansions need some remodeling, Taylor has decided, as she is now completing new construction on her Rhode Island mansion, construction that for all of her neighbors is a beach!

The house that is known to many as the Harkness House, the former residence of Rebekah Harkness the Standard Oil heiress, was bought last year by Taylor for a total of $17.75 million. The four story home in Watch Hill, a community of the town Westerly, is beach front property that provides a retreat for the star Taylor Swift who also reportedly owns four other homes, two in Nashville, one is Beverly Hills, and one in Cape Cod. Taylor has also reportedly bought and sold other homes throughout her singing career and it is said that she pays for all homes in cash.

Her most recent real estate cash purchase is however now being renovated to suite Taylor’s level of comfort as she is rebuilding and repairing a stone wall that divides her property from the beach in order to supposedly provide Swift with more privacy. In recent years beach goers could walk right next to the small sea wall, though many say the tons of large rocks leading up to the property kept anyone from being able to get up to the property and other properties along the coast. Now, however, Taylor’s new landscape architect project is supposedly moving the rocks down further into the beach, or “re-placing” them and extending and repairing the sea wall around Swift’s property.

This construction has been a beach for Swift’s neighbors who were unhappy about her move-in in the first place. They are calling state and local officials with concerns that the project will block public right-of-way to the beach, extend the property beyond the property line, and change the coastline. Many residents and surfers are concerned about how this construction might also change conditions for surfers and beach lovers when the tide is up.

Representatives for Taylor Swift say that the wall will be well above the mean water line, which is the property line recommended for ocean front property to avoid damage during higher tides.

While Taylor’s construction is causing much controversy for neighbors and beach goers in the town officials have responded by saying that Swift has all of the necessary paperwork and permits to make the changes to her land. The Coastal Resources Management Council of Rhode Island is reportedly keeping an eye on the construction project according to spokeswoman Laura Dwyer.

It has not been said when the project is estimated to be finished or how long the project will take. So far representatives for Taylor have not yet released any comments on the construction of her Rhode Island mansion.

In the meantime if spending your money to change the beach is a possibility for Taylor Swift then it seems that it will be done. After all, when you spend over $17 million for a home why not spend more to make it exactly the way you want it.

By Crystal Boulware

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