Tennessee Robbers Use Sledgehammers to Rob Jewelry Store in Busy Mall

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Alert for residents in and surrounding Memphis, Tennessee: Officials state earlier this evening reports of up to six male robbers entered Reed’s Jewelers inside of the busy mall, Wolfchase Galleria. Witness reports are still being smoothed out, as some witnesses state shots were heard, others did not. What a majority of

Video from Reed's jewelry
Video from Reed’s jewelry

witnesses do state, is the men entered the mall armed with sledgehammers and potentially firearms.

The robbers used the sledgehammers to smash the cases containing Rolex watchers as shoppers screamed and hid in other stores. The robbers were quick and after stuffing jewelry into held pillow cases, they ran to the closest exit and departed. Police were called as the robbery was in place, but the robbers quick speed beat the cops as they arrived after the damage was done.

No injuries have been reported, but law enforcement officials locked down the mall to escort shaken up customers out of the hiding and safely to their cars. The nearby theater remained unaware of the events that transpired in the mall, as moviegoers left their seats two hours after the robbery, casually. Witness testimony is on-going as police try to receive clear descriptions on the suspects and try to confirm if indeed shots were heard. Guardian Liberty Voice will update this story as the investigation continues. Anyone with information on the suspects is urged to contact Memphis police.


Angelina Bouc