The Newsroom to End After Season 3

The NewsroomThe new season of The Newsroom will be coming back to the HBO screens in the fall, but fans may be disappointed to hear that this will be the last. The cast and crew are back together for one last time, as Michael Lombardo, president of the programming for the channel, announced that The Newsroom will definitely end after season three.

The show was put together by The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin. The new show included all the telltale signs that it was Sorkin too, with humorous scenes, mixed with thought-provoking storylines. However, there have been some mixed reviews since the first episode aired.

While the characters are quick-witted, well-rounded and fun, some of the storylines have been questionable. Since The Newsroom involves news headlines, the writers decided to use some of the real-life ones as their inspiration. Critics took to the internet to complain about this.

One of the storylines in season 2 centered around Mitt Romney’s campaign and the presidential election as a whole. There were also international events covered within the fictional TV show. The characters read out a fair share of fictional stories, with one of those stories spreading out across the whole season.

Like most TV shows, the whole seasons have not just been about real-life news. There have been stories centered around the relationships between the characters. Fans who liked these stories will want to see some closure before The Newsroom comes to an end after season three.

Sorkin explained why relationships were so important when talking about season 2. He shared that it is the characters that bring people back. People start to feel connected to the characters, and feel like they are friends or family members. They want to see the characters every week, and will tune in just for that. The characters are the way for shows to succeed and it seems that Sorkin did something right to keep the show coming back for three seasons.

The lead character, Will McAvoy, is a grumpy anchorman played by Jeff Daniels. At 58 years old, he won his first Emmy for a primetime performance back in September just for this role. It seems people out there like him, which supports Sorkin’s theory that it is the characters that bring people back for more.

There is some mixed reaction about the end to The Newsroom. Fans will be sad to see the humor and entertaining viewpoint on the stories go, even if they did not agree with the actual views portrayed. But there are others who have berated the show for its “liberal slop” and pushing “misguided beliefs” onto an “uneducated” fan base.

The good news is that by knowing that The Newsroom will end after season three, the writers will be able to bring some closure to the characters. Shows that have been cancelled midway during a season have had to struggle to change the storylines, so that fans aren’t left with previously intended cliffhangers. Many are left disappointed with the amount of questions that have been left unanswered.

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  1. Lisa   November 9, 2014 at 7:16 pm

    I don’t think HBO is canceling because of cost & scheduling. Creator & storylines are stepping on toes & political views. Finally a show that’s entertaining & HBO & others want to get rid of it. Winning an Emmy & acquiring fans is not good enough for HBO So PLEASE PLEASE Someone ‘s Network pick up this series, I for one am canceling my HBO


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