Twitter Account Speaks Beyond the Grave for Murdered Teen [Video]

TwitterOn January 7, 1980, 14-year-old Bill Comeans was abducted from his front yard and murdered in cold blood; but now a Twitter account speaks for the murdered teen beyond the grave.  Bill was a freshman at Westland High School at the time of his murder and would have turned 49 years old on January 11 this year.

The teenager’s strangled body was found only a block from his home on the far west side of Columbus, Ohio.  Bill had been strangled with his own scarf.  His father found Bill and took him to the hospital, where he passed away.

Initially detectives working the case thought that Bill’s death was accidental.  They said there was no sign of a struggle and that Bill had not been robbed.  However, this changed once an autopsy showed that the teen had died of cardiac arrest, due to strangulation.

His killer was never found and the case remains cold.

His sister, Kathleen Comeans, now Applegate, was only 9 years old when her brother’s dead body was found.  She always looked up to her brother and has never forgotten him.  This is what prompted her to start a Twitter account to speak for Bill quite literally beyond his grave.

Using the Twitter handle @BillComeans, the family is making every effort to try and find a new lead to help solve the 34-year-old cold case.

The profile page of the Twitter account reads:

“34 years ago today, I was murdered. I was 14 and had my entire life to live. My family is still looking for my killer.”

Kathleen told WBNS-TV that she was sitting and thinking what else she could do that she hadn’t already tried.

She said that she doesn’t want Bill to be forgotten and that his killer is still out there.  She is sure that someone knows something about the crime.  She added that her brother has a story to tell, and she will use every means to tell it.

Tweets on the Twitter feed read:

“You killed me and got away with murder for 34 years. I know youre [sic] reading this. It’s time. Confess.  I forgive you. I forgive you. Bill”


“My birthday is coming up on January 11. I wish I could be there with my sister and brothers. Mom & Dad are here with me. Thank Heavens!”

Reading through the Twitter feed, it seems that this wasn’t the first time that Bill was attacked on his paper route.  One tweet tells how in September 1979, he was attacked while riding his bike home.  Someone tied a trash bag over his head with an inner tube around his neck and left him in the woods near the school.

The latest tweet tells how he was attacked yet again a block from his home, and quit the paper route after this.  He was just too scared to continue.  Bill was always attacked from behind, and could never name his attackers.

Regrettably the next time was the last, when he was strangled with his own scarf.

Kathleen also created a memorial page on Facebook for her brother and posted a video on YouTube, which is included at the end of this article.

While the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department has no new leads on the cold case, detectives there did, apparently, last year begin conducting a DNA analysis on a knife which was found near Bill’s body as well as his scarf.

It can only be hoped that investigations by the police will continue and as the Twitter account speaks from beyond the murdered teen’s grave, maybe some light will be shed on the crime.

By Anne Sewell


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