Ukraine Next Blood Battle for U S Troops? John Kerry Support Sparks Query

Ukraine, John Kerry

US troops may be ordered into Ukraine next to control its escalating violence has sparked queries across the virtual world. John Kerry has finally announced full support to Ukraine at the World Economic Forum and has bought out the fear of Ukraine becoming the next blood battle-ground for the U.S troops.

Kerry in a statement promised to stand by the people of Ukraine and is said to be working in collaboration with European allies to put an end to the violence that has currently brought Ukraine to a complete standstill. Ukraine, John Kerry The first attempt, as told by Kerry, has been to force the government of Ukraine and President Viktor Yanukovych to let go of violence.

He added that it’s important to address the issues being raised by the peaceful protestors and bring them on to the table for a conclusive discussion. It was also made clear that the need for inclusive freedom of assembly and freedom of expression should be respected by one and all.

Ukraine Ambassadors present across the European Union especially in countries like Germany, France have been summoned to press for quick and peaceful resolution to the situation.

Anti-government protestors have laid siege to various government establishments across the strife affected nation. This violent response from the citizens is a reaction to multiple instances of injustice being perpetrated by the Ukraine government. Ukraine, John KerryThe enacted laws to shun any protest have been executed with brutal force and in many cases leading to fatal injuries as well.

The fear of US troops moving into Ukraine national territory could result in another war like situation where another blood battle for control could ensue. The fear of such a step by the United States government has been sparked by the statement by John Kerry earlier in Davos, Switzerland.

Kerry had clarified that the myth of US having a change in its foreign policy should be debunked. He added that America is not standing down from its policy on engaging itself in areas where there is violence and escalated human rights violations.

Kerry was straight forward in his response when he said that absence of excessive troop movements or lack of threatening responses does not indicate a disengaging attitude from US. Even Obama has been criticized on regular intervals of going soft on countries including Syria where no action was taken even after wide spread fatalities were reported to be perpetrated by the Bashar al-Assad led government.

Ukraine, John KerryThe earlier attempt by Ukraine government to control the situation has been unsuccessful and brutally rejected by the protestors. Even the assurance from Yanukovych on considering pardon of the detained political activists has not been able to salvage the situation. It is matter of time before forces outside the Ukraine territory would start considering counter actions for regaining control.

Thus, the situation in Ukraine is being consistently monitored across the country hoping that the situation eases out and US can keep its troops away from another battle of blood and control of a foreign territory. The query and support by the citizens of this nation for its war weary troops is something that has sparked the widespread fear from the words of John Kerry.

By Daris Abraham

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2 Responses to "Ukraine Next Blood Battle for U S Troops? John Kerry Support Sparks Query"

  1. Chris   March 2, 2014 at 7:00 am

    Just so we understand it, the people in this country have no clue what suffering is. My wife is Ukrainian, and her whle family is jus outside of Kiev. The fact of the matter is that the government kronies that were ousted were no more than Putin’s puppets siphoning money fro the Ukrainian coffers, and leaving the Contry’s infrasructure in shambles. Ukraine is a place of have and have nots that the U.S. citizens would not be able to comprehend. So corrupt that you can’t get healthcare in a Ukrainian hospital’s nationalized healthcare system without greasing some palms. Do we have intrests in Ukraine……not really. However, what message are we sending to the rest of the world to sit by and let this atrocity unfold without action? I feel the same about what happened in Sudan, but that’s just me. This unrest holds more political significance however. I think that Russia will be the new #1 superpower if Obama sits on his haunches and cowers to Putin’s reactions to his bark without a bite. Lets remember, we may be downsized, but our tech and weapons are far superior. We could send targeted drone strikes to the armor and vehicles of invading Russian troops and let Ukrainians handle the ground war with a ittle support.

  2. Boooo   January 25, 2014 at 6:27 am

    Let me see. Kerry is wanting to send American troops to combat sovereign citizens that are rising up to protest a very oppressive government. I guess he needs to train the warriors that is planned to use against the American people when they get enough of this Marxist regime tactics too.

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