Ukraine Protests Spiral Out of Control

Ukraine Protests Spiral Out of Control

The Ukraine protests seem to have no end as they continue on in another day. In Kiev, the capital, protesters and government officials are both wondering if the madness will ever come to an end. But as the government works to achieve control, as Ukraine protests spiral out of control, protesters are still working to achieve control of their lives. As both sides battle it off the violence reaches new levels with every moment.

While the protesters continue to occupy only a small area in Kiev, mainly right below the building which holds the country’s cabinet of ministers, the force of these protests are causing a big problem. Since President Viktor Yanukovych passed legislation, on his own, that took away rights of protest and, according to reports, freedom of speech, protesters have been waging a fight against the government by creating larger protests. Protesters, who are standing against the government 24/7, hope that their demands will be heard and their rights will be restored, but it seems that the President and riot police are planning a much different outcome for the protesters.

As the violence continues to spiral out of control Ukraine protesters have been attacking riot police with stones, bombs, and even a catapult. That, of course, only brings a response out of riot police who have been attacking protesters with stun grenades, tear gas, and rubber or plastic bullets. As the opposition leaders have begged for calm rather than violence no results have been seen, leaving the government to make plans for action.

The President and other officials are working on deciding on a course of action, such as a crackdown, that will restore order to the area. The crisis, which began around two months ago, continues to get worse for everyone involved and in his statement yesterday President Yanukovych said that the unrest of the Ukraine protests is a threat to national security and will be dealt with.

But even as the President works to restore peace to the area the escalation of the Ukraine protests seems to be, for many, only a small sample of what is to come in the future if protesters demands are not met but rather ignored. Many actions are available to the President to end the situation including, but not limited to, the arrests of every protester, a crackdown on the entire protest, and (now that a law has been passed against protests) more vital methods, as well.

The irony of the situation is that the anti-protests laws are what started these massive and violent protests in the first place. This leaves many outsiders, who are viewing the situation, to believe that if the President does take action against protesters, who are protesting anti-protesting laws, the fight against the government will only become much worse in the future. Statements have been made from many groups and individuals in Ukraine making it clear that if action is taken they would join in on the fight against the government.

Officials of Russia have made statements that its neighbor, Ukraine, is losing control. Since Ukraine is such a divided country the fact that protests are spiraling out of control comes as no surprise to many. Will the country continue to see mass protests against the government or will peace be restored?

By Crystal Boulware

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