Star Wars VII Script Done, Filming Starts May 2014

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Star Wars VII’s script is done and filming will start May 2014, according to director J.J. Abrams.  Abrams hit the Television Critics Association summer press tour, where he’s on hand to promote his project Believe with Alfonso Cuaròn.  The news came during Abrams’ appearance at the TCA tour, and Abrams also took the opportunity to address some of the rumors that have been flying since word got out that he’ll be sitting in the director’s chair for the franchise’s newest film.

He did confirm that he has been speaking with Jesse Plemons of Breaking Bad fame and acknowledged that the press has had something of a field day with the rumors swirling about Star Wars VII.  Abrams dismissed the rumors of which stars he is and is not meeting with as the press simply generating a lot of speculation for the sake of speculation.  He said he was strictly focusing on the film and doing his best to ignore the rumors.

Abrams had an outstanding writing partner for Star Wars VII:  none other than Lawrence Kasdan, who also was involved in penning The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.  While Abrams has confirmed the Star Wars VII script is done and filming will begin in May 2014, he has not made any official casting decisions.  The potential cast members for this latest outing has the Star Wars fandom buzzing even as Abrams has said there has been no one officially cast.

When Plemons was asked by the press whether he had been cast as anything in the new film, he demurred and said everything anyone had heard was simply speculation and rumor at this point.  One thing that is certain, though, is that Abrams is no fan of IMAX filming.  Many have believed that Abrams might use the technology while filming the latest film in the Star Wars saga, but the director nixed the idea.

Abrams confirms that he will be using film for the movie because IMAX cameras tend to be unreliable, they are noisy, and they can’t be used for intimate shots, such as close ups.  The close up has long been used in many of the Star Wars films, and fans will remember the outstanding intimate shots of Han and Leia kissing for the first time.

Abrams has also deftly avoided questions about whether or not he intends on directing the next trilogy on his own or with a partner, such as director Cuaròn.  Certainly, Cuaròn would be well suited to the role, having worked on equally big budget flicks like Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  Abrams, however, has not revealed any details of whether he plans to involve other directors or go it alone.

What remains certain is that fans everywhere are rejoicing at the news of Abrams confirming the Star Wars VII script is done and filming will begin in May 2014.  While everything continues to swirl in a storm of speculation and rumor, Star Wars fans everywhere will be watching the news, looking for any further developments about their favorite film franchise.

By Christina St-Jean



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