Veronica Mars Cult Show to Have New Web Series

Screenwriter Rob Thomas and actress Kristen Bell at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International.
Screenwriter Rob Thomas and actress Kristen Bell at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International.

Since its 2004 premiere on the UPN network, “Veronica Mars” has garnered millions of devoted fans across the world. Creator Rob Thomas and lead actress Kristen Bell even managed to fund a recent $5.7 million Kickstarter campaign for a new film based around the series. That film, also titled “Veronica Mars,” is slated for limited release on March 14. On Wednesday, the CW also revealed that the cult show “Veronica Mars” is going to have another new series of its own on the web.

The web series, which was negotiated this week, is planned to begin some time after the movie’s release in a couple of months. Precise details are still somewhat lacking, but so far, it is known that each webisode will be up to ten minutes long. There are expected to be around six or eight episodes in all. Part of the reason for the web series’ delay is an issue of conflicting schedules for the various “Veronica Mars” stars. While many of the show’s biggest actors will also appear in the film this year, Kristen Bell is tied up at the moment with the Showtime comedy-drama series “House of Lies.” Rob Thomas is also in the middle of another show on the CW, “iZombie,” which is a drama series based on the DC comic by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred.

When CW network President Mark Pedowitz talked with Rob Thomas about the concept, there was still a fair amount of vagueness about what precisely was going to be done in the new digital episode format. “He talked a little bit,” Pedowitz described, saying that Thomas was already thinking about “potential people who could be involved” without committing to or expressing any specifics. With an average of 2.5 million viewers at a time during the three-season run of “Veronica Mars,” there is no doubt that once it does happen, this favored cult show will have great success with its new web series.

Pedowitz also remarked how he has told Thomas in conversation that “We’ll take it whenever you’re ready,”adding that the series’ creator is “very excited about doing this” for the network’s site.

CW Seed, where the web series will be available later on, is the network’s site that is also home to a number of other popular series including “Stupid Hype,” “Husbands,” and “Prom Queen.” And even though Rob Thomas waved off the possibility of a network renewal of the series six years ago, the new addition of a web version on CW Seed might be a positive sign. The CW Seed medium, of course, has tended to have its web shows transferred over to television at some point in time. It is always possible that “Veronica Mars” could see the light of primetime yet again, especially since the cult show is set to have a new web series with its longtime network.

Written by Chris Bacavis

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