Ohio Killer Scheduled to Die Could Be Exposed to Terrifying Execution

Ohio Killer Dying Tonight Could Be Exposed to Terrifying Execution

Ohio convicted killer Dennis McGuire, age 53, who is scheduled to be executed on Wednesday night, could be exposed to a petrifying type of death due to an experimental technique that will be used by the state of Ohio. McGuire is at possible risk of going through a sensation known as “air hunger.” This would cause him to feel horror as he attempted to catch his last breaths, as he is being executed with the mixture of painkiller hydromorphone and sedative midazolam.

This will be the very first time that this type of drug method has ever been used in the state of Ohio, and so the effects of it are unknown at the present time. Because of this, McGuire’s attorneys have attempted to get his execution stopped but United States District Court Judge Gregory Frost has ruled that McGuire was unable to show any evidence that there was a considerable risk he would possibly experience severe pain that would end up violating a constitutional ban placed on cruel and unusual punishment. Judge Frost also acknowledged that this execution method had never been tried before and it was an experiment in the lethal injection process.

However, an expert has stated that McGuire has a higher risk of suffering from air hunger because he has sleep apnea. This is a condition which means he has difficulty breathing while he sleeps. Professor David Waisel from Harvard Medical School stated that the convicted killer has a high chance of experiencing the air hunger terror during the first five minutes of his execution. Air hunger is a terribly scary feeling. It is the feeling of inability to be able to catch a person’s breath.

The state of Ohio opposed any delays in the execution of McGuire by presenting its own evidence that contested the claim of air hunger. The state said there was no basis for the statement and that the execution would go on as scheduled.

McGuire was sentenced to the death sentence for the 1989 rape and killing of Joy Stewart. The murder of the pregnant Ms. Stewart went unresolved until McGuire carelessly led Ohio police to himself. He had told detectives that he had information about the woman’s death after he had been put in jail on an unrelated charge of assault. He tried to blame the horrible crime on his brother-in-law but that story was soon to unravel and he was instead quickly accused of being the real killer of Joy Stewart.

It took over a decade but finally DNA evidence established that McGuire was the guilty party, and he admitted that he was the one responsible in a letter he wrote to Ohio Gov. John Kasich in December of 2013.

McGuire was moved from the death row area where he was imprisoned on Wednesday morning to a correctional facility in Lucasville where many of Ohio’s executions are held.

The U.S. Supreme Court was considering one last minute appeal in order to delay McGuire’s execution on the grounds that a jury was never able to hear about the full magnitude of his abusive childhood.

The Ohio killer, who is scheduled to die, could be exposed to a terrifying execution. The state of Ohio requested the court to reject this last appeal because McGuire has continued to challenge his sentence for decades and it has continually failed. Therefore, convicted murderer, Dennis McGuire should be finally executed tonight by the state of Ohio.

By Kimberly Ruble


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