Viruses Part of Eugenics


Viruses are reportedly live in vaccines and could be part of a eugenics movement. In the book Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment the manipulation from the utilization of viruses becomes real. Everything in the book seems to have already been set forth or is well on its way. The spread of viruses has had a large effect on the population.

In 1977, Ecoscience was written by John P. Holdren. Holdren is President Obama’s Science Advisor. His goal was to have totalitarian population control measures set forth. He was a very active advocate on the practice of abortions, the use of implants to prevent pregnancies, and sterilization by poisoning the food and water supply, and the spread of viruses. The sole purpose of the book was to enforce global population control limited to 1 billion people.

Section four, chapter ten in the book is about understanding the environmental disruption by directing assaults on the well-being of humans. This section discusses how to use the environment to control the populations. This includes air, water, and noise pollution, the use of pesticides and trace metals, fluorides, chemical mutagens, and ionizing radiation.

Section five of the book discusses how changing Americas Institutions will get people out of the “crossroads” of humanity by following population policies. This can be seen happening now through Planned Parenthood where abortion is convincing and adoption is not usually discussed. Science and Technology have played a large role in approaching new ways to affect the human well-being. The productions of medicine that carry chemicals to manipulate the brain functioning are being distributed every day. Part of the eugenics movement is through the distribution of disorder medications, cancer medications, and immunizations and vaccines carrying live viruses.

This section also explains how the government may use the legal system for economic and political change and to utilize the military in population control. This would explain the chemtrails that spray freeze-dried bacteria and viruses into the atmosphere. One of most effective ways of following through with eugenics was the process of manipulating forced medications that carry viruses. Flu shots are becoming a mandatory policy in many school districts. If a child does not have their flu vaccinations, then they are not permitted to attend school. This goes with immunizations as well. Although it is a right to decide if a child is immunized, the legal system avoids the option to waiver.

The media has had a huge part in encouraging the eugenics movement hyping up a virus pandemic. This ensures that people will flock to their nearest vaccine distributor. Little do people know, these vaccines are full of heavy metals, formaldehyde, polysorbates 80 sterilizer, and viral diseases. The H1N1 Pandemic was called to be the highest warning level that could cause a worldwide human infection. “Scientists” told people it was the deadliest pandemic they had seen in centuries, it was spreading rapidly, and it has the capability of mutating into something more dangerous that could kill countless people. The pandemic had encouraged many to get their vaccines containing the live H1N1 virus resulting in many deaths and severe illnesses. British and French media said that H1N1 was hyped by medical researchers creating more money for research grants and for drug companies. The Medical Research council Biostatistics Unit in the U.K. also found the pandemic was exaggerated to help boost the need for big pharmaceutical companies.

By Brittany Varner-Miller

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    The author of this article is a terrible writer. No talent. Not judging the content – just the syntax, attributions (none) and flow.

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