Washington Man Survives Freak Accident in Wood Chipper Machine

Washington Man Survives Freak Accident in Wood Chipper Machine

A Washington State man is beginning to recover from severe injuries he received after he became trapped and was sent through a wood chipper machine in a freak accident at his place of employment. The majority of Frank Arce’s body was crushed and shredded after he scrambled up inside the machine, which was off at the time, to recover something that had become stuck in the wood chipping device. However, a co-worker was unaware that Arce had gotten inside the machine, proceeded to turn it on. Suddenly all the claws and spikes that were located inside were moving back to the on position.

Arce heard the wood chipper turn on, but he realized that it was too late for him to get out. He stated that actually having to go through the machine itself was not the worst part about the experience. Arce was able to speak to the public from his hospital bed at a Washington medical center. He added that what ended up being the worst was not knowing what was going to happen to him next. He was conscious and aware during the entire event which lasted ten seconds.

His injuries are very serious, and Arce is going to have to stay in the hospital for at least the next couple of weeks, even possibly up to a month. Arce received a collapsed lung, a busted leg, a shattered ankle, a shattered pelvis, several broken ribs, a bruised liver, and a giant cut that moved along the entire stretch of the back of his body. The cut went so deep it ended up smashing part of his leg, and he is on substantial doses of pain medication. Even with all this, he is starting to recover from the injuries he received.

Regardless, the wood cutter has been able to keep positive about the occurrence, stating that the training of his co-workers allowed him to be able to get care very quick, and he was able to even joke and smile with family and friends and family while at the hospital. Arce stated that he thought for a fleeing second that he was going to die, but he felt like there was something telling him that he was not going to die that day. He declared that he felt he had lots of angels out there with him, that he also had numerous people looking out for him.

A representative who works for human resources for the Swanson Bark and Wood Products Company explained that the firm would be paying 100 percent of Acre’s medical bills. Although the Washington State Bureau of Labor and Industries is looking into the event and investigating just exactly what happened, it is believed that both federal and also state monitoring agencies have not found any kind of workplace problems with the company in the past.

Frank Acre is on his way to recovery after going through the wood chipper machine. The Washington State man is definitely a living miracle.

By Kimberly Ruble


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