Weapon of Mass Destruction Missing and the Truth Behind the Story


The weapon of mass destruction, known as the Dillon Mini-gun, which was reported as missing from South Africa has not been found. There is more evidence and truth behind this story and why it is missing.

The world should know about this and the high levels of corruption involving the arms manufacturing companies of South Africa as well as the SA Special Forces.

SA Defense Force
SA Defense Force

Denel and Armscor, the two main arms manufacturing companies of South Africa, can produce high quality top weaponry and are reliable, but do  not have a sound trading relationship with first world countries.

Denel and Armscor have been implicated in so many unscrupulous and illegal associations that foreign companies refuse to work with them.

Armscor’s National Convention Arms Control Committee (NCACC) permits lapsed in February 2011. Without these permits, they could not operate. At that time, the Minister of Defense, Me Lindiwe Sisulu, gave instructions that their permits must be issued by the NCACC.

Armscor is a Company registered under RSA company law. Yet despite that, they move on like a merry band of untouchable brigands. Stealing and slandering, roping in other government departments such as the Revenue Services and the Intelligence services with lies. This company operates above the laws of the country.



The Dillon Mini-gun is a weapon of mass destruction and should not be referred to as antiquated weapon. Denel is a company that can build advanced armory and working on the mini-gun is an aspect to be considered, even if this weapon is cast as an outmoded one. This gun does generate from the 1960s and was used in the Vietnam era, but has since been modified and upgraded to offer a more sophisticated weapon.

The United States’ Dillon arms company took the blue print of the first design, which proved to be an excellent weapon. This company combined the newest, most advanced accessible equipment and upgraded the Dillon Mini-gun into a comprehensive weapon. In Somalia in the infamous Black Hawk down incident, the Mini-gun was slaved to the helicopter’s electrical system, so when the helicopter went down, the gun went silent with some 8,000 rounds still on it. Today, the gun is fed by a battery and is a standalone system which will continue firing even if all other systems have failed around it.

Mr. Andrew Feinstein (a former member of the African National Party (ANC) residing in the UK) refused to comment or consider the hardware changes made to this weapon. He severely criticized the wisdom of South African experts in this field. Instead, he propagated the second-hand British submarines on the condition of being much cheaper. These submarines were flawed as fires would erupt in them for an unknown reason. How many submariners would we have to lose before the aspects of cheap skate buying would actually hit home? Feinstein is now considered an ANC dissident and critic.

Debate and discussions continue to employ a certain amount of exposure to various problems, but only up to a point. Although this undoubtedly cannot  change the system, it can manifest into the heart of the leaders who can make a difference.

Why does corruption flourish? A reason is that the legal and justice system of South Africa is in complete and utter chaos.

The political opposition parties do not generate enough pressure to effect the minimizing of such corruption. The weapon of mass destruction missing and the truth behind the story has not been taken seriously enough by the opposition parties. It is true that the opposition parties could ensure that their sentiments are echoed throughout the country, thereby building a determined effort to ensure that their dissatisfaction on issues is strongly addressed in parliamentary debates. They should generate enough resistance to problems that arise in order to protect the Constitution of South Africa.

A case demonstrating where there were far too few opposition voices is the tragic death of South African troops in Central African Republic (CAR). The opposition parties, such as the Democratic Alliance (DA) and Congress of the People (COPE), didn’t utter the right words in instances like this one. They have a parliamentary seat and a right to defend the constitution, yet they harbor egotistical hearts and plot along with the current corrupt undercurrents. The only time the loud voices of opposition parties are heard is nearer to the general elections as they try to gain more control. Had the Dillon Mini-gun been used by the South African troops at that time, lives could have been saved.

In the case of this weapon of mass destruction that is missing, the opposition parties have not sounded the harp or issued any statements of concern. There is a lack of interest from the highest powers in the land, and nobody takes responsibility for such a serious incident. The reason for this show of no concern can certainly be only corruption. Every government agency involved in the corruption of the country will continue to refer any investigated matter to another department for investigation. The lies continue to spiral through the various departments and create the double-dealing to grow in an attempt to cover up more deceit. In this regard, the weapon of mass destruction missing and the truth behind the story, does  tends to start with the officials embedded in the government since pre-1994.

By Laura Oneale

Guardian Liberty Voice

News 24

3 Responses to "Weapon of Mass Destruction Missing and the Truth Behind the Story"

  1. andrewza   January 4, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    since when is a mini gun a WMD, why would would denel need help making a weapon that has been used in one form or another since the use civil war.

    amrscore is the DOD procurement agency it does not build anything, What country has denel been barred from working in, only one country (india) investigated them and found them not guilty of corruption india then copied the Denel NTW20 illegally.

    And we never bought the UK subs, so what is the point. Canada is now stuck with them

    has for the mini gun used in CAR saveing lives? concidring most solders there say running low on ammo was the biggest problem and a mini gun is the worst weapon to use when saveing ammo i doubt it would have done any good.

    • JJ   January 5, 2014 at 12:48 am

      If the Mini-gun was on the ground in CAR there would have been enough ammo. That is integral to the strategic planning. Anyone who have heard the mini-gun going off , do not want to be on the receiving end. The situation is that out troops were outgunned !! No other reason , low ammo indeed was a contributing factor. In the muddy terrain the mortars and 40 mm AGL’s were useless unless it was a direct hit. Even the killing of the 1200 rebels did not deter them. Only when the Seleka General reached to the South African commander did sanity prevail. Under French instructions.

      Armscor lost an arbitration in Zwitserland to an Australian company for R 300 million in damages.

      Denel could build a Ratel for R 8 million but instead they are continuing with the Hoefyster , the Patria from Finland and a local turret for R 42 million. Is this business sense? Who is creaming it??

      Armscor refurbished since 2010 the R4 Galil rifles , a 5,56x 45 mm calibre . They have been sold to the SANDF at R 34 000 piece!! A brand new AR 160 in the same caliber with an under-slung grenade launcher from Beretta costs R 28 000!!! Business sense??

      The marksman rifle , a refurbished R 4 with Picatinny Rails and an optic sight was sold to the SANDF for R 142 000 – yes that’s right , one hundred forty two thousand rand!!! Business sense??

      Much more like business nonsense!!!

      The generals are running rings around the Min of Defense , formidable woman as she is . They have no understanding of leadership , just of stuffing their pockets!!! They have no civic pride , they are just stuffing their pockets , along with a group of white officers who are messing up the SANDF.

      However , this rotten group calls on the Intelligence Services , SARS and the HAWKS to do their bidding. How long before something gives??

      Pres Zuma must wake up , these people are creating devastating problems , they even live in the village at Nkandla!! Even the Big Boy is a part of this!!

      Et tu Brutus??

  2. Adriaan Arends   January 4, 2014 at 9:14 am

    Do you still like your buddy jacob zuma? This is what he and his btrothers are up to.

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