Weight Loss Gadgets Amp up the Calorie Burn

Weight loss resolutions remain at the top of many people's lists at the beginning of the year.

Weight loss resolutions remain at the top of many people’s lists in January – and adding strategic gadgets to their selected weight loss programs only help to amp up the calorie burn they’re seeking. There are a plethora of different programs and ways to lose weight – including popularized celebrity diets, such as Victoria Beckham’s Alkaline diet, and the 5-Factor diet as endorsed by the likes of Alicia Keyes and Megan Fox – to longstanding programs such as Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, as well as doctor-endorsed programs.

Whatever program people are eying this winter season to help shed a few pounds or to reach the ultimate physique in 2014, besides watching what one eats, exercising is a critical component to maintaining a successful weight loss. As the Mayo Clinic states on their website and countless studies have shown, exercise is “the most important factor in maintaining weight loss.”

In the case of weight loss, most people think that losing more weight is better. However, what if the current frigid winter temperatures, as they’ve hit in areas of eastern North America out of the blue – are keeping one inside, away from the Pilates class or gym membership? With winter raging full-speed ahead, there are still a few tricks that people can put up their sleeve – that is, gadgets that can help combat the weight loss blues and amp up the calorie burn without the need to invest in a home gym or brave the slippery trek to the next yoga class.

Weight loss gadgets are handy in the way that they can complement any dedicated weight loss program  – keeping mindful of a person’s body, and the number of calories that being burned, often at a glance.


Psychologists have often employed therapies that encourage self-monitoring techniques in their weight-loss patients. Fitbit’s range of electronic bracelets encourage the self-monitoring aspect of a weight loss regime without the added spectre of someone watching over one’s progress. This is a device that tracks the number of steps a user has taken, the number of calories burned, and according to their website, how long and how well they sleep. For the techies at heart, Fitbit’s ability to sync with the home computer and a person’s smartphone means that real-time physical fitness analytics are presented to a user in a heartbeat.

Other alternatives to Fitbit include Larklife, Nike+FuelBand and Basis.


Need more control at mealtime? Just stick a fork in it. It’s a smart fork that recognizes eating style and gives one a literal green light on when to pick up the fork to take the next bite. Slowing a subject’s eating pace is backed by studies from the North American Association for the Study of Obesity that have found that overweight subjects “took in fewer calories when they slowed their normal eating pace,” as well as arriving at feelings of fullness, faster – resulting in consuming fewer calories overall.

The Quantum Scale

A person’s weight is no longer a dreaded number staring back at them. According to their website, the Quantum Scale is a gadget that “keeps track of each pound someone loses and displays their cumulative weight loss each time they step on the scale.” The idea is to eliminate the negative feedback coming from an unhealthy obsession over “the number” and keep them on track for further success.

Need other simpler, less technology-driven strategies? Here’s one to chew on:

Kitchen Tools that Measure Up
Weight Loss Gadgets Amp Up The Calorie Burn

Think: measuring cups and electronic scales that help take the guesswork out of one cup of rice or pasta for everyone. If it’s too hard to carry around or keep these items on the kitchen counter, the Mayo Clinic and other online sites also present visual cues you can easily remember to determine that, for example, the size of a hockey puck equates to one carbohydrate serving.

Whatever strategies and technology one is looking to help keep them on track this chilly winter season, as the latest Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show is demonstrating, the market of weight loss gadgets is only getting larger, as demonstrated in the latest Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show – and this is good news for those looking to amp up their calorie burn for the winter season.

By Joscelyne Yu


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