WWE 24/7 Streaming Network Announced at CES 2014 for $9.99 Monthly

Set for release February 24

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World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) will be creating their own 24/7 streaming network, as announced at the CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The entertainment extraordinaire was represented by familiar faces: CEO Vince McMahon, daughter and Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, COO and wrestler Triple H (Paul Levesque, married to Stephanie), plus three well known wrestlers – Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and John Cena. For a competitive price of $9.99 monthly, the streaming channel is set for release in February.

What encompasses a streaming network developed by the hottest wrestling venue around the globe? Think big and think all things wrestling. The board stated the channel will feature the following:

  • Every single live event/ pay-per-view event. This will cover Wrestlemania.
  • Post-shows to discuss the upcoming weekly programs Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.
  • Documentaries will also air on the non-stop channel, such as WWE Legends.
  • Expect a retro-digital walk down memory lane to cover WWE Countdown, Wrestlemania Rewind and more.
  • In addition, WWE will stream all things wrestling when it comes to WWE, WCW and ECW (acquired by the mega-giant in the early 2000s).

McMahon was delighted to share with the fans in attendance, his vision becoming a reality. The powerful CEO states the network would “transform and reimagine” how content is delivered to every one of their millions and millions of fans. Instead of collecting old VHS’, DVDs or hitting the library for old footage, dedicated fans can pay the $9.99 fee for the 24/7 center hub of wrestling goodness. This could be seen as a shot at cable companies and fellow streaming networks. The CES 2014 announcement was cheered by fans and will certainly see stock climb for the venue.

Michaels and Triple HHH - Remeber DX?
Michaels and Triple HHH – Remember DX?

Considering the costs of just the pay-per-view events, subscribers can save more than $600 annually. Perhaps, they can use the savings to purchase one of the devices the network will be streaming on. PCs, Roku, iOS devices, Android devices, Kindle, Playstation and even Xbox will stream the channel. For those with a Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, the network will remain available. McMahon expects the channel to release to other markets outside of the United States by 2015.

The move is a critical one for cable companies. Executives of WWE state Raw, Smackdown and all pay-per-view events can continue to show on cable, if the companies decide to maintain the material. The cost factor for many customers may become a sweeter deal to opt for the subscription channel. Cable television is seeing a decline in their subscription services as more customers choose streaming devices.

Companies like Roku, Apple and Google have received lucrative sales for their streaming devices. Additionally, streaming services like Netflix, HuluPlus and Amazon have experienced tremendous growth over the past few years alone. More customers enjoy the aspect of cost and choice – rather than bundled packaging. Streaming options may redefine the way cable companies finally do business. Customers enjoy the fact of a la carte foundation and not spend more on channels they never watch.

McMahon has envisioned his own streaming network for sometime and its coming to fruition. The hawk-like CEO has dominated the wrestling field since the 2000s after purchasing WCW from Turner and absorbing ECW. The years of footage for all three venues would provide a wealth of information, choice, selection and entertaining memories for millions of fans. WWE has announced their 24/7 streaming network set to arrive February 24 for $9.99 monthly, during their CES 2014 stage time. What are your thoughts on the channel? Is a channel that encompasses the flavor of Ric Flair, the infamous Hulk Hogan leg-drop to the antics of ECW’s Rob Van Dam, worth the buy? Share in the comments.


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