Young Jeezy Arrested on Counts of Terroristic Threats

Young JeezyYoung Jeezy turned himself in on Friday in the midst of charges that are the result of a grand jury warrant. Details regarding the allegations against the Atlanta rapper were not immediately made public but already various stories are being reported that involve an incident between Young Jeezy, or simply Jeezy, and his son. What is known is that the rapper is facing charges of terroristic threats, battery and false imprisonment.

TMZ reports that he had an especially volatile incident with his son back in September of 2012. Why it has taken more then a year for these charges to surface has not yet been determined. The report contends that documents involved in Jeezy’s arrest warrant detail a fight in which he “slammed his son into a glass shower door.”

It is also reported that Jeezy told his son that he would shoot him in the head at the time of the fight. “If I could get away with it, I would kill you,” is a quote alleged to be used by the rapper towards his son.

The rapper turned himself in after the charges were set against him and he has now been released after posting bail. The Atlanta native was being held for 45,000 dollars.

Young Jeezy, whose birth name is actually Jay Jenkins, is scheduled to make an appearance in court on January 29. That date will be to hear his plea and settle the arraignment hearing.

“We have no doubt this matter will resolve itself appropriately,” said his attorney.” At this moment, Mr. Jenkins is thankful for the support of his fans and the respect for his family’s privacy.”

TMZ also reports that Jenkins believes this is all a set up caused by the boy’s mother. He called her greedy and claims she wanted him arrested.

The most serious charge against him in the arrest is the terroristic threats which stem from his comments about putting a bullet in his son’s brain. Jenkins claims he did not use those words. He claims he told his son that if he gave him life he could also take it away. He says the boy’s mother is “brainwashing” his son and trying to get every dollar she can out of his rap career.

The incident report also claims that after the fight, during which Jenkins’ punched his son several times, his son tried to escape but was not allowed because Jenkins’ body guards blocked him from leaving the house. The age of Jenkins’ son has not been determined.

Young Jeezy is the leader of the rap group United Streets Dopeboyz of America and was a former member of the group Boyz n da Hood. Young Jeezy’s biggest hits include Soul Survivor and I Luv It. He also appeared on Usher’s #1 hit Love In This Club. In 2010, Jenkins announced that he had dropped the “Young” from his stage name, but fans still know him by that moniker.

For now, the Atlanta rapper is out of prison and looking to continue his career making music. He has a court date set after he turned himself in on charges of terroristic threats concerning a 2012 fight with his son.

By Nick Manai


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