Young Mother Shot In Front of Children

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A young mother left her apartment Tuesday to pick up her seven-year-old from school but was fatally shot in front of children near an elementary campus.  The shooting took place in Houston, TX as the young woman laid on a homeowners front lawn, left to die.  An eyewitness reports that, “a man just walked up to the woman and shot her pointblank”.  The 24-year-old, who is identified as Yoli Perez never made it into Emerson Elementary where her daughter is a student.

Gunshots were heard from a neighbor around the time the kids were being released from school; it was then he heard the children screaming. He saw the  young mother who was shot in front of children lying on a sidewalk, dead from from the brutal shooting.

“I heard four shots ‘Boom, boom, boom!'” said neighbor James Durbin. He said he ran out of his home to find out why the children were screaming and yelling to call 911. It is unfortunate that an 11-year-old girl witnessed the young mom being shot as she walked home from school. “I was really shocked and sad,” said the child.

Police officers report that the killer ran abruptly toward the young mother and shot her several times before running off. Officers also said that a stray bullet flew and struck a family van which belonged to another parent who was picking up their children. “No one was injured in the vehicle,” said HPD Sgt. Eli Cisneros.

Perez recently moved to the U.S. from her native Honduras. Family members report that she was shot twice in her neighborhood last month though specifics of that incident were not provided in detail. The young mother shot to death in front of children is  indeed tragic. Her daughter is safe and in the care of family.

The killer has not been located in the shooting death of the young mom.

Yoli Perez
Yoli Perez

The tragedy of this young mother affects an entire community. Take the innocent children who had to witness seeing someone shot and murdered as they departed school to start their walk home. Neighbors ran out of their homes to see why the children were in disarray, and more emotionally,witnessing  a daughter who would never see her mother alive again.

Why the young mom was fatally shot will not be known until more information is provided through the pending investigation. No motive could ever be so great to justify the horrible death of a mother before her child’s school or otherwise. One can feel a tug in their heart that a typical day can turn into a complete nightmare. Any parent can remember the many times they picked up their children from school not taking into account their safety would be in jeopardy.

It is hard to imagine that this little girl could have possibly been injured had her mother arrived a short time later. The school is certain to provide counseling to the children who witnessed such a tragic event. To fatally shoot a young mom in front of small children is a hideous crime and taking away a mother from her young daughter is even harder to comprehend.


By La Tasha Taylor



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