Zac Efron ‘Happier’ After Rehab Stint

Zac EfronZac Efron shared in September that he had done a stint in rehab and now claims that he is much “happier.” He appeared on the Today show so that he could promote his new movie, when the question came up.

Efron never explained why he  decided to go to rehab, and never made it public knowledge until the end of his treatment plan in September. He reportedly started treatment sometime during the spring of 2013. He refused to share more about the reason when talking with Savannah Guthrie, except to say that he now feels very happy and is in a good place in his life. He wanted to spend the interview focusing on the upcoming movie, That Awkward Moment.

Alcoholism is one of the most commonly cited reasons for his stint in rehab, with Us Weekly explaining that a friend of the High School Musical star told the magazine that Efron has had to go from drinking to being completely sober. However, the friends were positive about the way the 26-year-old actor is handling it. During an L.A. Lakers game, he was spotted with a blue chip from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which is given after six months of sobriety.

Efron was joined by his That Awkward Moments co-stars, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan. Just after Efron explained that he felt “happier” after his stint in rehab, Teller explained that the title of the movie was very much like the way they were currently feeling. The High School Musical actor had been caught off-guard with the rehab question, and Teller shared that none of them had prepared for any of the questions they were going to be asked. They weren’t the questions the trio rehearsed.

There was another awkward moment for the three when they had to explain the reason for the title. While Efron was stumped for an answer, Jordan explained that it was linked to the characters as they try to understand women.

The movie debuts at the end of January and is about three young men trying to find their ways in life and love. One of the “awkward moments” they find themselves in includes naked acrobatics,  a scene that couldn’t be aired on Today.

The three young men were extremely relaxed during the interview, and made jokes regularly. One of those surrounded the naked acrobatics, with Teller explaining that it was no big deal for him and that it has been on resume for many years. Efron joined in with the joke saying that it was something he practiced when he was a child and that led to acting.

Efron is not just starring in the movie, he also directed it.  He had nothing but praise for his co-stars, stating that they are “two of the best young actors” currently in Hollywood. That led to more jokes and banter between the men.

The That Awkward Moments stars attempted to keep the topic of conversation on the movie as much as possible. Efron tried to steer it away from his stint in rehab, but did explain that he is much “happier” and thanked Guthrie for her concern.

By Alexandria Ingham

Us Weekly


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