2015 Lexus RC F Blunt Force Trauma


The 2015 Lexus RC F is a lesson in blunt force trauma….in a good way. Where many manufacturers seek elegance in sculpted lines, and beauty in subtlety, the new RC F’s appearance could strike fear into the hearts of many that happened upon a glimpse of its ferocious grill in their rear view mirror as it descended upon them. A subconscious vision of a cat preparing to pounce on a mouse comes to mind, no, too subtle, try a Great White on the big screen ready to take your stern off. That is the ball park.

Lexus is out to make a statement here. The tried and tired looks of an Eastern coupe are nowhere to be seen in the RC F, well, perhaps just a little in the profile, but from the front and rear the RC F is all blunt force trauma. Starting with that Tasmanian Devil grimace running amok looking for victims, it is as subtle as a 2×4 over the back of the head. No elegant lines here, only angles and edges and a meshed in grill that could double for a cheese grater. On either side of the mammoth grill are angled headlights with running lights underneath. The running lights slide inward like reversed single quotation marks, as if the grill needed further emphasis!

lexusHeading over the carbon fiber roof, the blunt force trauma continues to the rear. Most rear quarter panels try to tie everything together in perfect harmony, like the Bee Gees, Jive Talkin. The Lexus RC F is all AC/DC, For Those About to Rock, as it defies tradition with a cascading design that flows down and outward over the wheel-wells. It is very effective and makes room for some nice styling cues like double diagonally stacked exhaust pipes. The quotation mark theme continues with the rear brake lights, this time they have been rotated 90 degrees inward as if to punctuate the design statement. It works, it works very well.

The aggression makes its way into the cockpit too. Looking at the bucket seats with the doors open one might confuse them with a couple of King Cobras sitting next to each other, ready to strike. They slide back, curl up, and the headrest takes on the form of the Cobras head just before it strikes. It is gorgeous.

Those are the visible goodies, the goodieslexus that lure you behind the wheel, what about the hidden stuff, the stuff that makes it go fast. Well, the RC in RC F stands for “racing coupe,” so Toyota slid the most powerful naturally aspirated V-8 they have ever produced under the hood. The 5.0-liter cranks out 450 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque. The power is transferred to the 19-inch forged wheels through an eight speed automatic transmission and a torque vectoring rear differential. Apparently it is very fast, so Toyota beefed up the Brembo brakes. Slated for dealerships this coming fall, it looks as though Toyota are shedding their conservative lifestyle. Moving out of the burbs.

In conclusion, there will be those that fall passionately in love with the RC F, and there will be those that dislike the RC F with equal passion, they will take one look and suck in their breath in horror, but that is a good thing. What Toyota and Lexus are doing here is opening up a line of discourse, like a good movie on a controversial subject the RC F will stir debate. RC F or BMW M4, RC F or Cadillac CTS-V. Heads will bob, spittle will spray, and rubber will burn as the debate unfolds into the wee hours on roads devoid of law. The RC F is not beautiful, it is not elegant, it is not exotic, many will think, and just as many, maybe more, will disagree. Whatever the personal outcome, the Lexus RC F cannot be ignored. It is strong, it is virile, and it is an unmistakable exercise in blunt force trauma…in a good way.

Editorial by Scott Wilson


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