49ers’ Vernon Davis Goes From NFL Playoffs to Olympics Captain


Vernon Davis is making the transition a quick one from just recently being knocked out of the NFL’s playoffs, to now representing Team USA as the honorary captain for the US curling team. This won’t be Davis’ first rodeo in the Winter Games; he was also invited to be the honorary captain for the curling team back in 2010 at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The US curling squad will kick off its first match of the winter game on February 10th against Norway. The men’s US team has not placed for a medal since 2006 and may have the odds against them with Canada being the heavy favorite in the event.

Vernon Davis did not at first really know much about the sport until a San Francisco 49ers sports writer got the all pro tight end to give it a try. Ever since, he has been enamored with the sport, attempting to get on the ice and practice whenever his schedule permits. When asked about if the pro bowler had a curling broom sitting around somewhere at his residence, Davis stated adamantly that he had three of them. The USA team has put Vernon in charge of spreading the word about curling and raising awareness for the sport. He spent some time on the new Arsenio Hall talk show and promoted the sport just recently while also plugging in some time for his foundations and others in need.

Vernon DavisDavis, as an honorary captain, will obviously not be participating in the event at the Olympics, as he will be staying committed to the sport where he excels at the most. The all pro tight end tied a career high in touchdown receptions this year, and racked up the third most receiving yards he has recorded in his career as a 49er.  The San Francisco 49ers advanced all the way to the NFC Championship game until they succumbed to the eventual NFL Super Bowl Champions, the Seattle Seahawks. Most NFL players use this time as recoup and heal up their battered bodies and spend some time with the family.  Not Vernon Davis, though.

Davis should have travelling plans set to Sochi at some point this coming weekend if he already has not. The Olympics will soon enough hold numerous amounts of events and a remarkable opening extravaganza set to kick off today in Sochi, which will be a spectacle to witness.  He may have already seen enough with the brutal battles on the field with the Green Bay Packers and the 49ers, but for once Davis will be the spectator witnessing the highly anticipated games and soaking in the experience one only gets every four years. A curling enthusiast in San Francisco said that Vernon picked up the sport quite quickly; he actually picked it up within a matter of 30 minutes. Pretty impressive for a man who has to digest an offensive playbook before he can even step on a football field. The San Francisco 49ers’ Davis may always wonder what it’s like from going to the NFL Playoffs to being a captain in the Olympics; but being a spectator never hurt a player needing a vacation from his sport anyway.

by Justin Huffman


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