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Alzheimer’s professionals claim memory is something all humans hold very dear, and often “take for granted.” Some liken it to the old saying “you never know what you have got until it’s gone.” People have told stories of grandparents with Alzheimer’s disease and often time’s make light of it in casual conversations, commenting on how funny it is that grandpa put the remote in the freezer again. However the reality of the disease according to some people is no laughing matter.  In fact, some claim that living with someone suffering from Alzheimer’s will “push the envelope” of patience, even for the most imperturbable. Now people can find out sooner rather than later if they might be at risk of developing Alzheimer’s with a string of websites offering ways people can test for symptoms at home right from their computer.


Millions of Americans suffer from some form of memory loss. More than five million people in the U.S. have what doctors call late-onset Alzheimer’s, which is basically a class of memory loss or dementia where one’s memory becomes such a problem that it is affecting their daily life pattern. There are several tell-tale signs that one can look for in themselves, a spouse or loved one. A few things a person might look for may be extreme forgetfulness and misplacing objects, or having trouble keeping schedules. Many people report of having trouble with small tasks, like writing, or having difficulty remembering words and how to spell them.

As of now, there is no recorded cure for this debilitating disease. If you think yourself or someone you know may be suffering from Alzheimer’s and test positive for signs of the disease there are several different medications made available for doctors to treat some the symptoms. There is a lot of information on the web about Alzheimer’s including sites like (Alzheimer’s Association) with a lot of helpful insights.

There still is a great mystery about the causes of Alzheimer’s, although science is progressively discovering new information about the disease every day. Research uncovered by scientists have shown a correlation between pesticides like DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane). DDT or DDE which is a metabolite of DDT have been shown in some research to promote the growth of particular proteins (amyloid) that create the plaques they have found associated with Alzheimer’s. Although DDT has been banned decades ago, scientists have noted that they can still record it lingering in the environment as a result of the tremendously slow decaying process of the pesticide. It should also be noted that there has also been a connection between pesticides and other diseases like Parkinson’s as well.

Plaque associated with Alzheimer’s

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the disease only gets worse, and this will be the case until some major improvements in the way of the disease are discovered. Alzheimer’s researchers are steady in their efforts to find ways to test earlier in life for the disease, as well as finding ways to treat it in those individuals with the disposition before symptoms arise.

By Aaron Thompson

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