Amanda Bynes Accepts Plea Deal

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes has recently accepted her plea deal for the DUI case from June 2012. She is pleading no contest to the drinking and driving incident and will not face three years on probation. It is much better than the jail term that she could have faced if she went to court.

It has taken longer than normal for the celebrity’s court case. The former Nickelodeon star was in rehab for some time for her bipolar disorder. A doctor confirmed that at the time she was not mentally stable enough to stand trial. A judge decided in November that that was no longer around the same time that she left rehab.

The DUI involved side-swiping a police car in April 2012. The charges were filed two months later after gathering all the evidence. Shortly after that, Bynes was arrested for two hit-and-runs and driving while her license was suspended, but the charges for all were later dropped. She saw another charge removed last month. That one was for a bong being dropped from her apartment in New York.

The 27-year-old’s mental state has been unstable for some time, and bipolar disorder is to blame for some of that. She is also another case of child stars gone wild, similar to former Disney star Lindsay Lohan. Singer Justin Bieber seems to be on the same path of the two, and has recently rejected a plea deal over his own DUI case in Miami. Bynes decided that accepting her plea deal for her DUI was better than the alternative.

The full deal was more than just probation. She will also pay a fine and needs to take part in an alcohol education course. This was one of the reasons Bieber has decided to reject his deal. The Canadian singer did not want to make a spectacle of himself. Bynes seems to want to turn her life around, while staying out of jail.

A lot of the actresses problems are psychiatric. She was forced into a residential psychiatric unit last year by a judge. Her parents then asked for the term to be extended, so she spent six months there in total. She has not left the treatment center but is under the watchful eye of her parents. The care proved successful for her, but she will continually receive outpatient treatment for the time being.

The recent plea deal means that she accepts the charge of “wet reckless.” This does not carry the severity that a traditional DUI would and is the lowest offense prosecutors are allowed to accept as part of a plea deal. She accepted it under the advisement of her lawyer, Richard Hutton, who is well-known for representing defendants in DUI cases.

It seems that the She’s the Man star wants to put her reckless behavior behind her. She is now concentrating on college classes and is taking a step back from acting. She wants to get into fashion design and start her own line. Accepting the plea deal was the first step for Bynes to take control and move on from her psychiatric problems.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


The Los Angeles Times

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