‘The Voice’ Starts With Epic Rendition of ‘Steamroller’ [Video]

The VoiceThe Voice, season six, started last night and began with an epic rendition of Steamroller by Bria Kelly. The young talent had Blake Shelton and Adam Levine instantly turn around, before she even said a real word. And it was not long until Shakira and Usher hit their buttons to make it clear they wanted her on their teams.

The interim coaches are back for the season. Usher is standing in for Christina Aguilera, who recently announced that she is getting married and there are rumors that she is having a baby. Shakira is standing in for Cee Lo Green, who also recently announced that he would not be returning to the show. It has led to a lot of questions over who will take his spot. Will it be either Shakira or Usher, or is it going to be a new voice coach altogether?

It seems that the two are at war, but it is not over the upcoming permanent spot in the chairs. The fight is over who is going to win, and it is clearly between all four. Each member of the judging panel wants to win, but Shakira is showing her passion for taking home the winning crown on The Voice this season. Shelton will not let it go without a big fight, though, after losing at the final hurdle, last season.

Usher spoke at the press conference for the show and openly admitted that Shakira is the one to watch this season. She has a lot of passion and knows what she wants, but he is not going to let the title go without a fight. He proved then when the first episode of The Voice started with a bang thanks to the epic rendition of James Taylor’s Steamroller by Kelly.

Kelly is just 17-years-old, but did not let that stop her with a soulful sound. Levine was blown away, telling her that she was not old enough to understand all the hurt and pain that she portrayed in her performance. When he turned around, he could not believe that he was looking at someone so young.

Usher wanted her on his team as soon as they were allowed to speak. He flashed his newly gained Grammy as a reason to join him by taking it up to show her. The young upcoming star accepted his offer and became one of the first to join his team.

Levine had others in sight, though. One performance he called the best in history on the show was Dawn and Hawkes’ version of I’ve Just Seen a Face. It did not get the standing ovation or the turns from all the four judges that Kelly did, but it had Levine and Shakira deciding they were worth it. In the end, the flattery from Levine helped him win the duo.

YouTube star, Christina Grimmie took the stage and sang an amazing version of Wrecking Ball, which made all four judges turn around. In the end she went for Levine. But arguably it was the epic rendition of Steamroller that has set the standard for the start of this season’s The Voice.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham

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