Amanda Knox Behaved Oddly Morning After Murder Says Ex-Boyfriend


Amanda Knox is still in the news six years after she was first accused of killing her roommate in Italy. Knox, and her ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, have been rallying around the mantra, “We are innocent.” As they prepare to appeal their convictions next year, that solidarity may be starting to unravel.

Knox, living in the US, is standing by her story. A little over fourteen days ago, she posted “Siamo innocente” on her Facebook page. Sollecito, still in Italy, seems to have dropped some of his conviction about her innocence. Sollecito is facing a long prison term in an uncomfortable Italian jail. Some observers feel that Sollecito is positioning himself to work a plea deal with prosecutors.

Using more selective wording than he has in the past, Sollecito still says that the evidence clears them both. Sollecito cryptically saying, “There is nothing against me and nothing very strong against Amanda.” The ex-boyfriend maintains that he did nothing wrong, but he’s not willing anymore to pay for someone else’s “peculiar behavior.”

Pointing to Knox’s behavior the morning that Kercher was found dead appears to be a new twist for Sollecito.

In November 2007, he and Knox had only been dating for a week. Sollecito says that Knox spent the night with him but in the morning went back to her apartment to shower. Her demeanor, when she returned, was very “agitated” according to Sollecito.

When he questioned her, Knox replied that it appeared as though someone had broken into her apartment and she found blood in the bathroom. Instead of calling the police, Knox took a shower and returned to Sollecito’s apartment. After being able to think a few years, Sollecito now finds Knox’s behavior odd.

Sollecito says that he questioned Knox about her behavior. Why did she take a shower? Why did she take so long there? Sollecito says Knox failed to give him any “real” answers.

Sollecito’s backpedaling from Knox appears to repeat the stance of his attorney, John Kelly. Kelly said that it’s important the Italian courts consider the two cases separately. Knox recognizes Sollecito’s new position and backs it up on Facebook. Calling Sollecito a “scapegoat,” Knox says the only reason Sollecito has gotten involved legally is that he happens to be her alibi.

In the years since Kercher’s death, Knox and Sollecito have traveled a winding legal path. First, a conviction, then appeal and reversal of the convictions only to then be hit with a second conviction. Rudy Guede, another suspect in the murder, was tried separately from Knox and Sollecito, and found guilty . A former drug dealer, Guede is now serving his sentence for Kercher’s murder. Guede maintains that he did have sex with the young, British Kercher, but claims that someone else broke into the apartment and killed her while he was in the bathroom.

Following their acquittal, Knox returned to the US while Sollecito stayed in Italy. A third trial was ordered by the Italian Supreme Court and began in September 2013. In January 2014, the court found both guilty and sentenced Knox to 28 years in prison.

Knox still waits in America to see if she will be extradited to Italy.

By Jerry Nelson


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