American Idol Hollywood Round Week #2 (Review & Videos)

American Idol Hollywood Round Week #2 (Review & Videos)

On American Idol tonight, the remaining contestants will get further whittled down by the three judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick, Jr. The competitors must bring their A games, because if they don’t, they are in danger of being cut and sent home.

Harry Connick Jr. started out the episode of American Idol telling the contestants left one of his pet peeves — being told that a person about to perform is sick. He told them to “suck it up” ad that no one wants to hear if they feel sick or not, they’re there to preform.

The performers gave a solo performance yesterday, according to Ryan Seacrest — some performers got sent straight home right then. The singers will next meet face-to-face with the three judges for their Final Judgement, in the words of Ryan Seacrest.

The first performer to face the three judges and learn her fate is Emily Priz. Emily sang really well during her solo performance, from what I saw of it. Will it be enough to get her into the Top Thirty who will move on, though?

Harry Connick, Jr. asked her what her heritage was, and she said “Cuban.” Jennifer Lopez gives Emily the good news that she has made it into the Top Thirty! She says backstage that “This has been my dream since I was little.”

Spencer Lloyd is the first of the guys to meet with the three judges. Keith asked him how he’s feeling, and Spencer said: “A little nervous.” Jennifer tells him that when she saw him, she thought “This guy really stands out.” However, the judges were far less impressed by the original song which he sang yesterday.

Jennifer Lopez says it was a very tough decision — and, then American Idol went to a commercial break. Spencer had a very worried look on his face — I actually am guessing he will also be told he’s in the Top Thirty, but who knows? There are many talented performers in the running.

“We still want you to be in the Top 15 (guys),” Jennifer tells him. He’s in!

Jillian Jenson, 21, sang an original performance piece yesterday. We got to hear a part of that, and she sounded really great, IMHO. Harry Connick, Jr., tells her it was really tough to choose the Top Thirty, the Top Fifteen guys and girls.

Jillian’s lip was quivering, and she looked as if she was going to cry — then, Harry let her off the hook, and told her: “You’re in the Top Fifteen!”

Madelyn Paterson was up next on American Idol, and crying already. We got to see a little of her performance yesterday, also — it sounded to me a sif she ROCKED it out. Keith asked her if she got much sleep last night, then talked about how difficult it was to make the decision — he told her that “unfortunately, we’ll  have to say good-bye.”

Tough, tough — Michael Simeon was also cut, and  LeBryant Crew and Sabrina  Lantini.

Then, they told  George Lovett he’s in the Top Fifteen. He sang “Won’t Give Up On Us,” and NAILED it.

Playing an original song was a fatal flaw for many of the contestants yesterday. However, in Sam Woolf”s cae, with his song Entrapment, he did an INCREDIBLE job. When he met with the three judges, Jennifer Lopez said he made it into the Top Fifteen!

“It makes me happy for him! It makes me really happy for him!” J-Lo says.

Not everybody is so lucky, skilled, or fortunate, though. Harry Connick, Jr., tells a female contestant “no,” and Keith Urban tells another one “no.”

Keri Lynn Roche is the next one to hear her fate. First, we got to hear a bit of her soulful rendition of  “I would Rather Go Blind” yesterday. She did a FANTASTIC job, and had a very moving performance — but, the three judges told her she would not be moving on.

Malayah Watson, 16, met with the three judges after another commercial break — she didn’t do that great with her first song yesterday. The judges let her try another one, and J-Lo seemed to really like it a lot.  This song seemed to suit her much better.

Harry told her that her name had great potential for her to be a star at some point — then, he told her that she made it into the Top Fifteen.

Maurice Townsend of Detroit faced the three judges, and Keith Urban told him that he sang really well. His solo performance of “Wrecking Ball” was pretty amazing. Keith told him that they were looking for “undefinable things,” but he then said “We’d like to see you in the Top Thirty.”

Then on American Idol, to the tune “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton, Randy Jackson made an appearance. J-Lo told him “You will not be going through.” It was a pretty cool and playful moment in the episode.

Bria Annai Johnson got to hear what her fate would be — yesterday, she did a TREMENDOUS version of “This is a Man’s World.” J-Lo told her she made it into the Top Fifteen — WOO-HOO!

Jessica Meuse chose to sing an original song yesterday, “Done,” which she said is “about an idiot.” She played and sang the CRAP out of this song, possibly ensuring that she will be in the Top Fifteen — we’ll see.

Jesse Roach will be joining Jessica as she meets with the three judges. She also sounded pretty good, singing “Wide Open Spaces” yesterday.

J-Lo said “We ran into a little bit of a problem with the two of you.” Harry Connick Jr. told them it was so close, that they’re going to have to hear them both sing again, RIGHT NOW! Yikes! Talk about instantly turning the pressure up! American Idol then went to another commercial break.

After the commercials, Jessica sang “Simple Kind of Man,” and sounded pretty great. Jesse sang “Do Ya” and also sounded pretty good — The three judges talked among themselves, disagreeing about who they would pick. J-Lo seemed to be leaning more towards Jesse, while the two male judges, I think, seemed to like Jessica the best, though I didn’t hear everything that was said. They eventually made their decision, and told the two women that Jessica would be the one moving on into the Top Thirty (though barely).

Dexter Roberts then met with the three judges, telling him he “was scared to death.” He sounded pretty great at his performance yesterday, though, and…he gets to advance into the Top Thirty. Ryan called him “the Real Deal” and told him “Congratulations.”

Emmanuel Zidor, 24,  was next — he was pretty AWESOME yesterday, and has a soulful voice — he can sing in the falsetto range very well, also. He was crying as he walked in and met with the three judges. J-Lo told him that it’s been heart-breaking for all of the judges, also — but she tells him that he’s made it into the Top Fifteen guys!

Ryan picks him up, temporarily, before falling down to the floor — Emmanuel is kind of a big guy. Hopefully, Ryan didn’t get hurt, but he looked like he was okay. Then, more commercials….

Then, MK Nobilette meets with the judges. We get to see how see did yesterday, and she sounded pretty good — but, will the judges think she’s good enough to include in the Top Thirty? J-Lo told her “YOu’re not the typical American Idol.

She says: “I’m very obviously gay.”

J-Lo: We think you could be an American Idol, and we really would like you to be in the Top Fifteen girls.” The judges agree that “the world is changing.”

Kristen O’Connor, 24, gets called to meet with the judges next. She gave a really FANTASTIC performance yesterday — but, again, what will the judges tell her?

J-Lo tells her that she “liked your last performance, a lot.” Kristen is tonight’s You Be the Judge person — Ryan asks, as American Idol goes to a break, if we think she was chosen to go on or go home — I’ll say she will go on. And, right after the break, J-Lo does, indeed, tell her she’s made it to the Top Thirty!

Ryan tells us that 7 girls and 6 guys have been chosen so far. Jordan Brisbane, 16 (today is his birthday) sang “Halo” for his solo performance — he sounded pretty INCREDIBLE! Keith tells him that he’s made it into the Top Fifteen, and they tell him “Happy Birthday!”

Casey McQuillan sang well, and Harry tells her that he’s “proud of you for perfecting your craft,” but she doesn’t get tot move on. Also, J-Lo tells  her that she won’t be moving on.

Andrina Brogden and Leah Guerrero are going up in the elevator together. J-Lo tells them that it’s been a difficult day for everyone, and one of them will go through and one won’t. Leah sang “Crybaby,” while Andrina snag “Burn.” J-Lo: “It was brutal. Leah, you’re not going into the Top Fifteen. Andrina, you are.” Harry tells Leah: “Don’t quit the fight, do you hear me?” as Leah was crying. That was very nice of him to say — Leah does have a great voice, and I hope she will continue on with her musical career, also.

Back from another break, American Idol shows us the next contestant to meet with the three judges, Malcolm Allen, 21. He gave a very impressive solo performance, IMHO, gettin’ down with this bad self, singing “Down (I’m not positive, but I think that the song’s called that),” though Harry whispers to J-Lo “I wonder if he’s marketable.”

J-Lo: “I remember him every single time.”

Harry Connick, Jr. Tells him “We think that you’re a really talented guy.” He tells Malcolm that he made it through to the Top Thirty — cool! He deserves it, IMHO.

Alex Preston is next on American Idol. He has an AMAZING voice! His solo performance of “Fairytale” showcased his wide vocal range, and he sang with a lot of emotion. He’s a pretty decent guitar player, also.

Keith asked him if he thought he’d make it through this far; Alex said honestly, no. Keith tells him “We’d like to see you in the Top Thirty,” after messing with him a bit.

Alex: “I’m still in shock. It feels like a dream.” Then, American Idol went to another commercial break.

C.J. Harris and Casey Thrasher go up in the elevator at the same time. I’m guessing that both will be in the Top Fifteen guys, but I could be wrong. They both gave FANTASTIC solo performances, and they’ve both been hyped in commercials for American Idol, but…. They are both from Alabama, both have a lot in common with each other. Harry asks them to “fight for it.” They will have another Sing-Off on the show.

C.J. Harris goes first He sings “Tied to the Whipping Post.” He does GREAT!

Casey Thrasher  sound really good, also — I’m not sure what the song is called that he sings; maybe “Don’t Cha.” The judges talk about their decision — I still say both should be moving on.

Harry tells them “It’s just so hard to pick.” He tells Casey Thrasher — NO! This can’t be happening! The message To Be Continued comes up on the TV screen, and we won’t learn their fates until tomorrow night!

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