‘House of Cards’ Says Happy Valentine’s Day With Season 2 Netflix Release

House of Cards, Kevin Spacey, Season 2, Valentine's Day
House of Cards,
the first Netflix original show, is back for season 2. On Friday, February 14, 2014, the video-rental company that also streams movies and television shows for a monthly fee, says Happy Valentine’s Day to fans with the full release of the show’s next set of chapters. For those who are single or in a couple, the “holiday” weekend may be spent with Francis, Claire, and Zoe.

Season one of the highly successful show hit Netflix on February 1, 2013. What made this hour-long television drama unique was its full availability from the very beginning. On HuluPlus, a major competitor of Netflix, episodes are generally available one at a time for streaming. Netflix usually releases an entire season at one time, but of shows that have already been on the air, and are therefore on a season delay. For people who have not watched that particular show, the episodes are new, and when streaming, are commercial-free, but in the scope of television, the show has already been available to an audience. Netflix changed things up when subscribers were able to watch the entire first season of House of Cards all at one time. Back-to-back viewings of a single show, without commercial interruptions, which is now referred to as “binge watching” or “binge viewing,” has revolutionized the way people watch television.

Now, as Netflix releases the full second season of House of Cards on February 14 (Valentine’s Day), fans are happy that the wait is over. With over a year between season releases, viewers want to know what the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning main characters have been doing between Season 1 and Season 2. Where have the choices of Francis and Claire Underwood taken their lives and their marriage? At the end of season one, fans watched Claire (played by Robin Wright) gather information on the possibility of the couple having a baby. Throughout the season though, we hear Francis (played by Kevin Spacey) comment on his feelings toward children. What will the couple, or Claire alone, decide?

Fans also watched as Francis Underwood made his way into the White House. As the nation’s Vice President, what will the higher stakes lead this now former House Majority Whip (Democrat) from South Carolina to do? Although he and Zoe Barnes (played by Kate Mara), a news reporter now working for Slugline.com, ended their relationship which can most appropriately be labeled as an affair, the two have still been in communication. With Francis in the White House, will Zoe work even harder to maintain the connection? Will Francis continue to provide Zoe with classified information for the betterment of his own career? And further, is Zoe still with Lucas? Is she still working for Slugline.com? And, how is her love-hate relationship with co-worker Janine Skorsky evolving?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all this year with the answers to these, and many more questions, beginning to unfold as Netflix releases House of Cards Season 2 in its entirety on Friday. With its list of award nominations and wins, the next installment is sure to please the devoted fans. For those who have not watched season one, there is still time to catch up via binge watching to then be in on all of the season two action. Netflix has also announced that there will be third season of the show.

By K. Corrine Van Vliet

USA Today

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