American Idol Hollywood Round Week #3 (Review & Videos)

American Idol  Hollywood Round Week #3 (Review & Videos)

American Idol Hollywood Round Week #3 will see yet more contestants cut, as the three judges, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr., narrow the field of remaining contestants down to just the Top 30, made up of the Top 15 male and female contestants. Many cuts were made last night; tonight, the remaining contestants will know if they will get to move on to the next week, or be cut from the show and sent home.

The host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, began the episode by recapping last night’s episode. He said that those remaining must “fight it out.” He’s referring to a Sing-Off last night at the end of the episode between Casey Thraser and C.J. Harris. They both did a great job, and deserved to go on.

Harry Connick, Jr., told Casey that he is going through; then, he told C.J. that he, also, got one of the final spots! I said that they both should go on last night, and they are both moving on.

Marraille Sellars is up next. She sang “Wrecking Ball” for her last solo performance, and did AWESOME. Harry said “inconsistency” was the word that would come to mind when they thought about her — he then told her that she’s “going through” though, and was in the Top 30! She did a little dance of joy — and, why not? She gets to move on to the next round!

Back from break, Ryan says “it’s 1:00 p.m. in Los Angeles.” The pressure’s building up, and the remaining spots are dwindling down. Jena Asciutto is the next one up –she had an AMAZING solo performance two nights ago. Harry told her she was going to be in the TOP 15! He called her a “sleeper,” as she was perhaps unexpected to move on, but she is moving on.

Caleb Johnson then got to face the three judges. He had made it this far before, but no further. He sang an AMAZING version of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons for his audition, and had J-Lo bopping along as he sang — he has a really great voice. I have  no doubt that he will make it into the Top 15 of the males going on.

Harry asked him if he belonged in the competition — and then, Ryan said Caleb was tonight’s person who the home audience would decide if they think he will move on or not. I’m pretty sure that he will be moving on, and that Harry is just trying to screw with his head a little. We’ll find out after the next commercials — YES! Harry indeed told him that he was in the Top 15 male group.

There are now 3 spots left in the guys group, and Ethan Harris 20, is after one of them. I thought that his last solo song was pretty good — he sang “Amazed” by Lonestar — but, was it good enough? J-Lo talks to him, and said that he had some really tough moments this past week. But, he is one of the ones who will be moving on into the Top 15!

Sarina Joi Crowe hears her fate next — she sang “Wrecking Ball” but won’t be moving on. Also,  Nalina Quintello  won’t be in the Top 15 female group, either.

Then, David Oliver Willis also gets turned down.

Majesty Rose York hears her fate next. She’s a great singer, but had some shaky moments, also. But, she will be going on into the Top 15 female group!

Briston Maroney, 15, is up after another commercial break. He had a FANTASTIC last solo performance, IMHO, singing “Let Her Go,” I think it was called. Harry relates to Briston the story of how he begged his father to let him go to New York City when he was 15. Harry then tells Briston that he gets to go on to L.A. — he’s in the Top 30!

Brandy Neelly and Briana Oakley, 17,  go up in the elevator together to learn their fates. Will they both also be going on, or just one of them? Will both be going home? They both had great solo performances; Brandy sang “Up to the Mountain” while Briana sang “My Kind of Love,” — but will those performances be enough to “seal the deal”?

Harry talks to both of them, and talks about “mistakes made.” I think he’s trying to fake them out again. Then, Keith said: “We have to narrow it down. We have to have the best in there. That’s why you’re both going on to the Top 15.”

Kenzie Hall, crying already, meets with the three judges. J-Lo goes over her past performances, the good bits and the bad — Kenzie sang Elton John’s “Your Song” for her solo performance, dedicating it to her mom, but the judges didn’t think it was her best performance at all. Then, J-Lo tells her she made it into the Top 15! WOO-HOO!

Savion Wright, with his ukulele in hand, come into the room where the judges are strumming his instrument. Savion has a really cool voice — I hope he will also move on. Keith talks to him and says that they’re looking for that “intangible” quality.

He says that this year, it’s a “no,” but he calls Savion “the real deal.” J-Lo tells him that she hopes he will come back again next year. That was pretty sad — he is at least as good as many of the singers who are moving on, IMHO; but, then again, I’m not getting paid the Big Bucks to be one of the three judges and make some difficult decisions.

Austin Wolfe sang “Radioactive” as her solo song. I didnt’ hear what Sandi Lee  sang . Keith tells the two that they can only take one more through — he says that Sandi won’t be the one moving on, and that Austin gets the last spot in the Top 15 female group.

With just one spot left in the male group, there are two guys left who would love the spot — Ben Briley and  Neco Starr . Ben had a TERRIFIC solo performance, singing “Stars” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and Neco also did very well, despite being sick and having a sore throat. He sang “Halo,” then, and NAILED it.

Keith told them that they were both great, but there is only one spot left. Harry also wondered what they should do. J-Lo then said that they would let America decide who would be the one to move on. Ryan told the numbers people could call for both to vote for them, and told them how to text their votes, etc. Ryan said that the one who will be moving on will be mentioned next Tuesday.

Next week, it will be the Idol Boot Camp Week. American Idol will be on three nights, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and the judges will narrow the groups down to 13 in each, for a total of 26. Tuesday will be the Girls night, Wednesday the Guys night, and Thursday will be the Results night.

What did you think of tonight’s choices by the three judges on American Idol? Do you think they made the right decisions, or do you feel that some other performers should be moving on? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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