American Idol Results Show Top 13 Become Top 12 (Review)

American Idol Results Show Top 13 Become Top 12 (Review)

It’s the Results Show tonight on American Idol as the Top 13 finalists will learn which one of them America has eliminated. The person who received the fewest votes will not be moving on to next week’s shows. Also, American Idol alumni Candice Glover will be performing tonight! Which one of the 13 will be leaving tonight? Read on to find out!

The show began with the Top 13 contestants singing “Counting Stars”as the walked down the hallways leading to the stage. Then, as they proceeded to the stge, they sang “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest said “Who will be in? Who will be out?” We’ll find out on American Idol!

The audience gave the 13 finalists a standing ovation as ryan mentioned their performances last night, and he then introduced the three judges, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick, Jr., and Keith Urban.

We got to see the contestants headed back to their hotel last night, discussing how the performances went, and joking with each otehr We also saw them at the breakfst table, talking about who tweeted them, like Seth Meyers, wishing them luck

Ryan said that there are three seats reserved for the bottom 3. He then named Malaya, Ben Briley, Alex Preston, and Jena Irene, and Randy talked about how they each did last night. He said that Malaya “rushed” the song, that Ben sang Folsom Prison Blues too fast, and he said that he really liked how Alex did and loved the subtlety of the performance.

Ryan: “One of these three is in the bottom three.”

He told Ben that he was safe, then he said that Alex was also safe. Jena and Malaya were the last two left of the four. Jena, he said, was safe, making Malaya the one in the bottom three.

J-Lo: “I’m very upset right now. I’m not happy to see you in the bottom three.”

Back from the break it was the judges’ turn to answer the 5 Facts We Don’t Know About You” quiz Ryan asked the competitors last night. He chose to ask Keith Urban via his smartphone first.

Candice Glover, who was the winner of Season 12 of American Idol, then performed. She sang “Cried” off of her debut album. Candice did a great job, and her powerful pipes were showcased by the song. Then, she sang . The audience gave her a standing ovation, and Ryan welcomed her back, saying her album dropped at number three last week on the R&B charts — not bad at all! You go, Candice!

Back from break, Ryan called up Harry and asked him his top five facts etc. — Harry said “I’ve never seen Keith Urban naked, and I’d love to see Keith Urban naked,” as two of the facts. Eww….TMI, Harry!

Randy then talked about how MK, Sam Woolf, Majesty Rose, and Dexter did, the next four up on the stage. Ryan said “After the nationwide vote — Dexter, head for the lounge. You’re safe, Dexter.” He also said the Majesty was safe, leaving us with Sam and MK. MK is in the bottom three, and Sam Wolf is safe.

Keith: “For MK to move on, it’s about making an emotional connection.”

After the commercial break, Jake Bugg, from England, 17, sang “Me and You” off of his album, which is available now. Keith really likes how he sings, so asked him to be on tonight’s episode to perform. He gave a terrific performance and thanked him for being there.

Next, back from break, Ryan asked J-Lo her Top 5 things — but, J-Lo couldn’t get out all five in the time limit of 20 seconds. The last hing he said is: “I’ve never seen Keith naked, either.”

Ryan then said here’s the highlights for CJ, Kristen, Caleb, Emily Piriz, and Jessica Meuse. Randy said that Jessica “commanded our attention from the word ‘Jump.'”

Kristen was the one who was in the Bottom Three. Ryan said that one of the three would be leaving at the end of tonight’s episode of American Idol, but which one will he/she be? They are all great, or they wouldn’t have made it this far — it will be sad to see any of them have to leave.

The judges have one save for this season — Ryan asked Keith if the judges will use it tonight. Keith said it would be tough – who knows? Ryan announced that MK was safe.

Ryan: “The person who is going home, unless the judges use their save, is Kristen. Malaya, you are safe.”

Then, Ryan said that Kristen will be “singing for the ‘Save,'” now. How well Kristen does will determine if the judges will decide to use their Save to keep her in the competition.

Kristen sings for her life, performing “Turning Tables,” by Adele. she does a TERRIFIC job, but will it be enough? It has to be unanimous, if the judges use their “Save.” Harry said that that the decision “was not unanimous,” meaning that they would have to say goodbye to Kristen tonight.

There was no doubt that Kristen sang her heart out, and did a terrific job singing for the “Save,” but the really difficult thing was that all three judges had to be unanimous, and, sadly, they werent. Ryan said that next week on American Idol, the theme would be “Home.”

American Idol began the evening with the Top 13 finalists left, and now, they’re down to the Top 12. America, who do you think will be the next one to go next week on American Idol? Please let me know who you think will be leaving next in the Comments area, below! Then, after you view the next episode, please come here and read my recap/review of American Idol!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. JImBaker   February 27, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    I think most of the contestants are sloppy and are only “attempting” to sing. None of them are putting their heart & soul into their singing the way professionals like Hank Williams would.
    They only able to remain on Amer Idol as long as they have so far is on account of their popularity, not their talent. That’s why so many of them are “Gone With The Wind” when they leave Amer Idol.

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