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Apocalypse Expected Soon?


In the new millennium, the possibilities that science and technology have rendered are become limitless. From the one-time theoretical technologies that were figments of the imagination in the past with shows like Star Trek to the revolutionary gadgets that we depend on like the smart phones and tablets, the impossibilities of the past are officially the New Age acceptances of today. To take it a step further, when considering the weather and world events that are occurring at alarming rates, the inevitability of an oncoming world polarizing event on a mass scale is becoming an accepted reality. So the question ensues once again: Is the apocalypse expected soon?

Maybe Bill Gates and the Rockefellers know something that the rest of the world does not know; then again, it’s accepted that they definitely know a lot that the rest of the world does not with the their huge success and legacies of wealth earned and inherited. The two empires along with the GMO Giants like Monsanto and Syngenta have teamed up in association with the Norwegian Government to tackle one of the most epic projects known to man, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault also known as the “doomsday seed bank.”

On the Barents Sea, not far from the North Pole in the desolate Arctic Sea, on Norwegian island of Spitsbergen exist one of the most important projects humanity has ever subjugated in these seed banks. The Arctic seed vault has been officially established to protect the world’s crops from natural disasters and wars, which last year, according to Fox News, has acquired more than 740,000 samples since opening in 2008. This represents a reported three-quarters of the world’s world crop agricultural diversity. According to National Geographic, the vault will be able to protect upwards of 2.25 billion seeds from apocalyptic events as serious as asteroid impacts and/or nuclear war that could end the world as soon as any approaching day.

The seed vault descends almost 500 feet beneath the Arctic permafrost and host the world’s best technological innovations in efforts of maintaining and preserving the seeds for as long as necessary. Scientist and Agriculturalist have known for years that countless plant and animal species are going extinct at alarming rates as time passes, the efforts of preserving the kingdoms will ensure that no matter what happens on the surface of the planet, a biological record will exist to seed the perishing plants once again.

Many people are suspicious of the ‘doomsday seed vault’ thinking that it exist as a preservative for future events that the general population is unwarranted about. William Engdahl, International investigative journalist, openly expressed his trepidations in the 2007 Global Research article by stating that Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t just preceding the vault’s opening. Cary Fowler, executive-director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust that manages and oversees the facility, states that the planet is losing crop diversity everyday and the vault exist as a substantial insurance policy against that reality.

If there is one thing that the general population can be sure of is that with the advancing technologies and pressing world issues of national tensions, global warming and a host of other matters, some precautions are necessary on all levels of society be it the major families and corporations on down to the average working Joe in hopes of surviving the possibly soon approaching or expected apocalypse.

By Michael Augustine

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