Apple iPhone on Sale for Over $100K

AppleAn Apple iPhone is available on eBay at the price of over $100K just because it has the Flappy Birds app on it. Thousands of people are looking to get their hands on devices like this after the creator announced he would be shutting down his business.

There are now also a handful of other iPhone devices available, with some selling at a similar cost as this one, which has 22 offers and 107 people watching it at the time of writing. It is being sold from Australia, but can be shipped internationally. Others within the United States are selling for around $50,000, with some even charging $300 for shipping.

Flappy Bird is a game for iPhone and Android devices and was created by Vietnamese developer, Dong Nguyen. On Saturday night, he took to Twitter to tell everyone that the game would be removed from both the Apple and Google Play stores within 22 hours. When the 22 hours were up, the app was removed and is currently not available.

Some people started to accuse him of running a scheme to get people to pay more for the app. However, he stated that this was not the case. By taking the game down from the stores, he could lose the $50,000 per day he was making from the ad revenue. Bloomberg Business Week reports that there is no legal reason for pulling the game from the store.

As soon as the free app was gone, people started looking for ways to get it. It has led to the Apple iPhone being on sale on eBay for over $100K. Phones that already have the game downloaded will be able to continue playing it. There is no way for a developer to remove it from devices once it has been downloaded.

This is partial good news for Nguyen, since he will not lose out on all the ad revenue that he was making from the game. However, there will be no extra from new downloads.

According to Nguyen, the game was taken down after he was bombarded by people asking him for statements and information. He also had fans messaging him on the social networking site asking questions about his game. He used Twitter to apologize to fans, saying that he couldn’t “take it anymore.” His most recent update was telling everyone that he will not be selling the game privately, but he is still creating games. Whether he will have any of these games available on the app stores is a question left unanswered.

It is unclear why the game suddenly became so popular. Flappy Birds was available from May 2013 for the iPhone and iPad, but in January 2014 it became one of the most popular free apps available. Nguyen couldn’t explain it either, saying he didn’t do any promotion. Some theories have included the use of bots to make it seem like it is popular. However, nothing can take away the fact that eBay has Apple iPhones selling for over $100K all because of this one free app that is no longer available.

By Alexandria Ingham


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