DMX vs. Zimmerman: No Bout, No Crown

DMX vs. Zimmerman

DMX vs. Zimmerman battle seeds have been uprooted just as quickly as they were planted. Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman organized the highly-controversial square off, initiating a frenzy of opinions, threats, anger, racial debates and petitions to halt the perverse battle.   According to Metro News, Damon Feldman has hired a body guard of his own in light of threats.  Are these threats what prompted Damon Feldman to nix the rumble between DMX and George Zimmerman?

George Zimmerman is known for fatally shooting a young unarmed African-American high school student by the name of Trayvon Martin.  The shooting took place in a gated community in Sanford, FL where 17-year-old Trayvon Martin lived. George Zimmerman was part of an unregistered neighborhood watch program instituted by the local police department.  George Zimmerman found young Trayvon Martin to be suspicious, and a scuffle ensued that ended in fatality.  George Zimmerman was tried for manslaughter and second-degree murder and acquited of both charges.  This acquittal was unsettling to many and has been stamped as yet another form of racial injustice and inequality.

Rapper/actor DMX has endured and addressed his own personal emotional racial inequality journey quite openly through his music.  DMX is a multi-platinum selling artist who rose to stardom in the late ’90s.  Billboard 200 has documented that DMX is the only artist in history to release five consecutive albums and have them all debut at number one.  DMX has starred in movies such as Romeo Must Die, Cradle to the Grave, Exit Wounds and Never Die Alone.  He has also appeared on Third Watch, Eve and the Chapelle Show.

Damon Feldman excitedly welcomed a contender with DMX’s stature and know how.  The meat of the story does not lie with DMX, the well established rapper/actor.  He seems to be a leaf of lettuce lost among large chunks of swine and massive amounts of curdled cheese. Both George Zimmerman and Damon Feldman are interchangeable as far as surrendering to the role of pig and rotten spoilage.

George Zimmerman has rightfully earned his label as child murderer.  This is a label that will never tarnish or wash away.  Attempting to re-invent this label and present it in the form of celebrity is repulsive. The question continues to arise as to who has tagged George Zimmerman with the crown of celebrity?  Our societal energy, attention and word play has awarded George Zimmerman with this coveted celebrity crown.  It should be of no surprise that George Zimmerman’s horrific senseless behavior solidifies him as a candidate for celebrity.  Sinister life-takers such as Charles Manson, Richard Trenton Chase, Jeffrey Dahmer, Dennis Radar, Ted Bundy, Aileen Wournos and John Wayne Gacy have worn this crown.  We can’t keep crowning blood splatterers by splattering more blood; it’s preposterous.

Damon Feldman enlisted DMX to complete the dirty work of some type of racial redemption. Early reports by TMZ had DMX spewing such quotes as, “I am going to beat the living f**k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up.”  CNN reported that Damon Feldman received over 15,000 jesters to step in the ring with George Zimmerman.  Sound the alarm! Ding Ding! DMX, whatever intense vicious trauma you can muster you may inflict upon George Zimmerman.  It is believed that Damon Feldman assigned this dishonor to DMX because of his drug-addled past, extended rap sheet and age.  This is obscenely apparent in recent photos circulated throughout this ordeal. The photos tend to focus on mug shots of DMX and a graying beard. It seems to be yet another publicity stunt to increase the hype of a fight that will most likely never take place.  DMX has not hidden the truth in regard to his toil with sobriety. Damon Feldman seems to be throwing that into the pot of publicity as well.  This is a blatant attempt to exploit and discredit the health and sobriety of a true celebrity who actually earned the title, only adding gasoline to the hellish fight flame.

Damon Feldman has portrayed himself as a swindling boxing promoter.  He conducts business with the bottom feeders of society in order to make a quick buck.  Despite Twitter comments that he has decided not to follow through with the DMX vs. George Zimmerman fight, it reeks of more hype.  Damon Feldman seems to have trouble defining the words compassion and ethics.  He has generated hundreds of thousands of irate responses that can be channeled directly towards him, thanks to social media.  This systematic channeling is directing his tweets and conversational decisions.  Damon Feldman’s hopes to raise eye brows with claims of walking away from a million dollar payday is absurd.  The time to make these critical decisions was when George Zimmerman first approached you with the disastrous idea.   Damon Feldman is creating a media buzz to cash in on a larger pay day that will be just as ethically demoralizing as the DMX vs. Zimmerman celebrity boxing match.

Editorial by Ebony Waller


Metro News