Arin Andrews and Katie Hill Remain Friends

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Much to the dismay of their legion of online supporters, the incredibly unique young couple of Katie Hill and Arin Andrews split up several weeks ago, causing the young adults to part ways while remaining unbreakable friends. Though no longer a romantic item, a special bond ties Katie Hill and Arin Andrews together; a bond that could only have been formed between two people who have gained a great and true understanding of each other.

Andrews, who had previously gone by the name Emerald, and Katie, formerly known as Luke, are two headline-making transgender young adults. Even prior to Katie’s gender reassignment surgery, which had been funded by an extremely generous anonymous donor, the young adults had each been taking regular hormone shots in order to give their bodies a closer shape to their desired gender. Andrews had been taking testosterone shots to enhance his masculine qualities, and Katie had regularly been administered estrogen shots in order to help her develop natural breasts, without the need of expensive silicone implants.

Having met at a transgender support group in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Katie, who was age 18, and Arin, age 16, had clicked together almost immediately, hitting off a widely publicized romantic relationship. Being young adults however, both Katie and Arin have decided to split up, wishing to focus on leading fun lives and enjoying young adulthood as singles rather than a social-media jackpot couple.

Helping each other through their sexual struggles, the publicized exploits of the trans-gender duo had managed to sweep social media off it’s feet. The intense pressure associated with being frequent media targets was bound to have an effect on the already troubled pair, and with Katie having started college, the former couple had decided that, although they would always remain the closest of friends, separate romantic paths would lead them to brighter futures.

Since her full gender-reassignment surgery in 2012, Katie Hill has more or less been living the life of an ordinary girl. “It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me,” the young Hill says. Her everyday activities include getting her nails done at the salon, having sleepovers and generally enjoying life as just one of the girls.

Arin’s path has been a little more challenging however, as his journey to becoming a man has been a rough one. Since having his breasts removed at a clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, the troubled young man has been intensely working out in order to sculpt his predominantly feminine body into a muscular, manly figure. Although his muscle tone and body shape has been becoming more masculine thanks to testosterone shots and his workout regimen, the young man desperately wishes to undergo a proper gender-reassignment, his desire all the more prevalent since the couple split up at the request of Katie.

Taking the separation poorly at first, Arin Andrews has taken the time to reflect and realize that the breakup has been mutually beneficial, and so long as the two remain friends, the aspiring young man will be just fine, although he still wishes to someday undergo the gender-reassignment (or rather, the opposite) his ex Katie Hill was lucky enough to have been gifted.

Opinion By Christopher White


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