Armisen Reunites With Meyers to Lead the ‘Late Night’ Band



Fred Armisen joins Seth Meyers on Late Night to be the leader of the show’s 8G Band. He will be taking responsibility for vocals and guitars. Although Armisen is best known as a comic actor, he debuted his career as a drummer for a punk band in 1988. Even though Armisen stars in the IFC  series Portlandia, which started its first season on January 21st, 2011, he will still command the 8G Band remotely during the new season’s off-shooting. This reunion will benefit no one more than the viewers, who showed a great sense of contentment towards the reunion.

Armisen is a multi-faceted, gifted character. He could be described as an actor, producer, writer, director, musician and comedian. He appeared as a cast member with Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live show, which rendered him great fame. Armisen excelled at portraying political and public figures hilariously. He depicted characters of various ethnic backgrounds and those considered black and white, including former president George W. Bush, Iranian former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Queen Elizabeth as well as President Barack Obama. Some of the viewers were appalled by the portrayal of  President Obama’s character, describing the performance to be racist and disrespectful as he used black-brown paint to color his face.On the other hand, Armisen’s aim was to attract and entertain the viewers.

Due to Armisen’s brilliant style of writing, his literary works were recognized in 2012 when he was nominated an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series.

Throughout his career, Armisen achieved a lot of success and is about to fulfill one of his biggest dreams by leading  Meyers’ Late Night band . However, on a personal level, he does not seem to be as fortunate. After his marriage breaks, he described himself to have been a terrible, lousy husband who is not fit for marriage. He confessed that he does not like to be tied down to the same person. Furthermore, he explained that he gets bored with long-term relationships and that he never had the desire or intention of  reuniting with any of his ex-wives.

Armisen’s acting career was not limited to TV, as he also played minor yet influential roles in comedy films such as Eurotrip, Anchorman:  The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The Rocker and Confessions of a Shopaholic. He has also done some voiceover work in the Smurfs  film series. Portlandia is considered as a significant TV series. It has been positively critiqued by a growing number of TV critics. It is regarded by journalists as a funny, charming show aiming at ridiculing social conventions and everyday social interactions. It reflects real life with all its cons and pros.

Apparently, Fred Armisen is not just an ordinary actor, but a creative person with insight. He implicitly digs into personal traits, explores the human psyche, urges viewers to think and makes everyone laugh. He’s a legendary figure that possesses distinctive qualities; perhaps it explains why Meyers sought a reunion. Meyers did not just want  him to be part of his team but rather a leader of the band in his Late Night show.

By : Mona Salman


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