Sochi Saga Continues


The only thing that will not be said about the Olympic Games in Sochi this year, or the headlines surrounding them, is that they are in any ways boring, or unmemorable. Whether it be shooting stray dogs, or terrorists packing the wrong type of toothpaste in their suitcase. Sochi has been a solid source for strange headlines, and viewers are staying tuned in, as the saga continues.

 Wednesday Russian citizens inside Sochi come together again in another heroic attempt to save some Sochiof the 2,000 stray dogs around the city from being killed in a mass slaughter planned by the government. The reasoning behind the planned extermination was to try cleaning up the streets for tourists visiting Sochi for the winter games. The rescuers plan is a discerning effort to capture and then release the dogs in specific areas far outside the city limits, where they will no longer present a threat to game goers, while saving many K-9 lives in the process. Dog lovers and animal rights activists around the globe are praising their efforts.

Other recent headlines include Lebanese Slalom skier Jacky Chamoun and her thought provoking Sochitopless photo’s surfacing from a fashion shoot taken three years prior.  The skier claims they were never meant for public viewing, but were only taken as part of the preparation for a photo-shoot in which her and other professional athletes would be featured. Chamoun apologizes to fans and the Lebanese community in a statement made on her Facebook page saying, “I know that Lebanon is a conservative country, and this is not the image that reflects our culture.” The Lebanese Olympic Committee stated that it intends on undergoing a proper investigation, however one that wouldn’t affect Lebanon’s reputation during the games.

Sochi has certainly seen its fair share of things that could possibly go wrong this Olympic season, from dilapidated accommodations in which journalists have had to fight stray dogs for their hotel rooms, only to find out that once their rooms were secured, they would then have to venture outside once again to find a public restroom facility due to the fact of there being no running water in the hotel. There are still the continuing challenges that gay men and lesbian women are facing in the new city of Olympians. Gays not only have to deal with social bigotry, and repressive Russian legislation, but there is only one gay bar in Sochi. Business, however has never been better for the owner of the club Mayak. Sources say the bar is mostly filled with journalists seeking to interview the brave soul responsible for keeping its doors open.

Perhaps the most disturbing of all Sochi saga is fearing an act of terrorism, which continues to be asochi concerning presage in the minds of those responsible for keeping the event safe for the athletes and all else who attend. There is currently a ban on toothpaste aboard any aircraft bound for Russia, due to the discovery of terrorist plots to use the tubes of paste to transport explosives.

by Aaron Thompson


ABC news



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