Ashton Kutcher Annoyed at Charlie Sheen

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher showed that he is annoyed at Charlie Sheen, by telling him to shut up on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Sheen has been attacking the actor, ever since he left Two and a Half Men three years ago.

After a series of public comments, Sheen was fired from the TV show. Kutcher replaced the actor, but instantly received nasty and insulting messages from the man he replaced on Twitter. It seems that three years is enough, and he made that clear during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. To make it very clear that he was not joking, the 35-year-old looked straight into the camera, as if talking to Sheen.

Some of the tweets from the 48-year-old Anger Management star included requesting that he “stop barfing” on the “old brilliant show.” It was clear that the former star of the show remained bitter and angry about being fired and then replaced.

Kimmel sided with the younger actor while on his show, on Wednesday night. The presenter even highlighted that the actor has a business to run now, talking about the flower business that he invested in with Joe Montana.

During the interview, though, Kutcher did admit that it took him a while to get back into doing sitcoms, after taking such a long break between That 70’s Show and Two and a Half Men. He felt like the “new guy” for a while, and struggled to get into the rhythm, but feels like he is at a good place now.

After Kutcher showed he was annoyed at Sheen, there was some sort of an apology. Sheen took to Twitter to say that he was mad at other stuff and took it out on the replacement actor. However, the apology didn’t last long. The former Two and a Half Men star followed it up with a threat that he would make his replacement spend a year eating hospital food if he ever told him to “shut the f*** up again.”

The interview was not all about his grievances with Sheen; it was also about Kutcher’s life and his current move into business, as well as his chance to be his brother’s best man. Part of the interview asked about some of the pitches the actor has received for businesses to invest in. One of them was something similar to Twitter and Foursqaure, but for people to tell their dreams. The 35-year-old admitted that he had no idea if people would even be interested in this type of networking site, questioning how many truly remember their dreams.

Kimmel then went on to ask about the wedding and Kutcher being the best man. He wanted to know whether the actor had a team to do all the duties for him, or if he actually put the effort in himself. The topic soon moved onto the destination of bachelor parties/weddings and meeting back up with old high school buddies, but he did say that he did the work himself.

The actor still hasn’t responded to the latest tweet from his 48-year-old Twitter nemesis, and it is unclear whether he will bother. However, it is clear that Kutcher is annoyed at Sheen’s constant attacks, after replacing him on Two and a Half Men.

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