Japanese Ludwig van Beethoven Hired Composer

Ludwig van BeethovenThe man dubbed as the Japanese Ludwig van Beethoven has made a shocking confession that he hired a composer. He disappointed all his fans with the confession, on Wednesday night, and it all started around when he first wrote movie music in 1996. However, he has not yet confirmed the name of the real person who wrote everything for him.

Beethoven is considered one of the best composers of his time. Despite gradually going deaf throughout his life and, eventually, not being able to hear at all, he wrote some of the most beautiful classical music. There are points in his compositions that indicate the hearing problem, but it doesn’t take away from his greatness. Knowing that he was able to accomplish so much has also encouraged others with disabilities and impairments to continue with their dreams.

Japanese composer, Mamoru Samuragochi seemed to be one of those people. He told his tale of how he overcame his own deafness to create the music on various soundtracks, including Onimusha and Resident Evil. However, it was all a lie. Back in 1996, Samuragochi realized that he was going deaf and didn’t have the same skills as the Renaissance composer. It seems that it started off with just some pieces, but became more than half of his work, as his hearing impairment worsened.

Ludwig van BeethovenNow hearing that the Japanese Beethoven hired a composer will be a disappointment for many. Olympic figure skater, Daisuke Takahashi, chose to honor him by using one of his compositions for his upcoming performance at the Sochi Olympics. Survivors of the Tohoku tsunami and earthquake, in 2011, met with the man they believed to have composed what is now known as Symphony of Hope. The Symphony of Hope was originally created for the Hiroshima bombing tribute.

Various names have been linked to the identity of the real composer. One of those is Aragaki Takashi, who is a music teacher in Japan. Another name, who has claimed that Samuragochi may not even be deaf, is Takashi Niigaki.

Niigaki is a part-time music teacher and admitted to being the ghost-writer for all the tracks. At first he believed that he was going to be the composer’s assistant, but soon learned that he would actually compose the music, instead.

During his confession, he apologized for being an accomplice. He knew that Samuragochi was deceiving people and continued to work, as instructed. He stated he had composed around 20 pieces of music and was paid just $77,000 over the 18 year period. The announcement that Takahashi was planning to use the music in his Winter Olympic performance was the final straw for Niigaki.

Niigaki spoke believes Samuragochi was nothing like Beethoven, after all, and that the pretend composer wasn’t deaf. Samuragochi reportedly admitted that he would “keep up the act,” indicating that he had not really lost his hearing.

Samuragochi grew up listening and learning to play various classical pieces by infamous composers, which may be where he gained the inspiration for his deceit. However, fans will be disappointed to hear that the Japanese Beethoven hired a composer to create all of his beautiful masterpieces.

By Alexandria Ingham



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