Batman Prequel Gotham Adds Alfred & The Penguin to the Cast

Batman Prequel Gotham Adds Alfred & The Penguin to the Cast

The cast for Gotham, Fox’s Batman prequel, is shaping up with the addition of four more major roles being filled. Previously, Fox announced that Detective James Gordon would be played by Southland star, Ben McKenzie.

The other four roles that have been filled are The Penguin; Alfred Pennyworth (the butler of the Wayne family); Captain Essen (Gordon’s boss); and Barbara Kean, an emergency room doctor who is also the fiancée of James Gordon.

The Penguin (aka Oswald Cobblepot) will be played by Robin Lord Taylor. Taylor has been in several TV roles, though he’s perhaps best known for his role as the survivor Sam in AMC’s The Walking Dead. Sheriff Rick Grimes and Carol meet him and a woman survivor in a house they investigate and seek to clear of zombies.

Alfred Pennyworth, usually just referred to as Alfred or Alfred the butler, is played by Sean Pertwee. Though there have been various backstories for Alfred, like one that he’s a retired intelligence agent, in this incarnation, he’s a tough ex-Marine from East London who has been a loyal servant and friend of the Wayne family. After they get murdered, he becomes even more fiercely protective of Bruce Wayne.

Captain Essen, Detective Gordon’s boss at the GCPD Homicide Squad, is played by Zabryna Guevara from Burn Notice. Captain Essen balances between the worlds of politics and being on the police force. She was created by Frank Miller in Batman: Year One. In that series, she had an affair with Detective Gordon while he was married to Barbara, though there is no word yet if any romantic sparks will fly between them in Gotham.

Sophisticated emergency room doctor Barbara Kean is played by Erin Richards of Being Human. Barbara stands by her future husband, though she finds it to be difficult at times in a corrupt city like Gotham.

Gotham, from Warner Brothers TV, has been called an origin-story prequel to the Batman movies. The pilot script was written by Bruno Heller, of The Mentalist, who will also be the Executive Producer of the series.

The director of Gotham will be by Danny Cannon (Nikita), who will also be the Executive Producer of the pilot.

Though Batman will not be in Gotham, it still is a much-anticipated police drama series which will have more than its share of evil villains which later plague Batman, like his aforementioned nemesis The Penguin, who is described as being very intelligent but with “the morals of a jackal.”

Filming for Gotham will begin this coming March. Many answers about the origins of Inspector Gordon, Alfred, Batman, and the many villains who Batman must face later on when he takes up the cape and the cowl are sure to be revealed during the course of this Fox series created by Warner Brothers TV. Do you think Gotham is shaping up to be a great series that will rock, or do you think it will probably suck? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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