Biggest Loser Shocks Viewers

Biggest Loser

Dropping a few pounds here and there is a New Year’s resolution that many around the world make every year, however, the winner of The Biggest Loser this season left many inspired viewers in shock. Rachel Frederickson, a 24-year-old voice-over artist lost close to 155 pounds in her quest to win the show on Tuesday night only to be labelled anorexic by critics.

Frederickson travelled from Los Angeles to take part in Season fifteen of this life altering competition known as The Biggest Loser. She weighed an overwhelming 260 pounds when she first took on the stage at the start of the show, but what many did not expect was to see her reach a 105 pounds in the season finale.

Wide spread criticism started streaming in immediately for Frederickson and especially against the show, which was blamed for ill-advising her in her diet and exercise regime to reach her unhealthy body weight. Frederickson, who lost close to 60 percent of her body weight, would have found it hard to accept the criticism that came the show’s way. It would have been particularity pinching for her since she would have been expecting appreciation for the hard work and dedication which she displayed to achieve the feat.

However, not taking anything away from Frederickson, the show meant to promote healthy body weight made a mockery of itself when she emerged on the stage for the finale, underweight and looking horrifically thin. The shock of the unhealthy transformation even left trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michael stunned and wide-eyed. Harper and Michael were clearly surprised, trying hard to hide their emotions albeit with little success, all the while applauding awkwardly in slow motion. Clearly, they were in shock like every other viewer with what they were witnessing at finale of  The Biggest Loser.

Frederickson, who came from California, was not always plump. She was competitive swimmer during high school and had a healthy body weight. In love, she rejected a full scholarship for college just to follow her German boyfriend all the way to his home-country. Unfortunately, the couple soon ended their relationship and a heartbroken Frederickson returned home to USA.

Like many her age, she found solace in food and soon gained more than a 100 pounds in less than six years. Although, she did manage to secure back some lost composure after moving to Los Angles and becoming a voice-over artist, the weight gain still kept pulling her down.

Joining the show was her opportunity to steal back the control over her life and her body which she had lost several years back. She succeeded with flying colors, leaving fellow contestants also in surprise at her achievement. Many on Twitter had supported her or have ranted against the unhealthy body image she exhibited at the finale; however the follow-up journey of Frederickson did show her regain some weight to look much healthier.

Crowned as the winner of the The Biggest Loser, Frederickson will take home a cool $250,000 as prize money by reclaiming a life which she believed to have lost to the excessive weight that she was carrying for years. The viewers may have been left in shock, but Frederickson has clearly emerged a winner by being the biggest loser in her own right and should prove to be an inspiration for millions around the world to lose weight, albeit a little lesser than what Frederickson achieved.

By Daris Abraham

LA Times
USA Today
Twin Cities

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