Thugs Beating Up Hippies Portrays Modern Society

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The viral video called Six thugs beat up two hippies in downtown Austin, TX can easily portray the disgusting society in some modern city night life. In the video it is hard to say what may have caused the fight. It seems as though in the beginning of the video, the hippies are asking the thugs why they need money and ask them if they need the money because they are hungry. The two hippies obviously try to calm the one man because they seem to not want any further dispute. Out of nowhere, the man becomes violent. The reasons are still unknown as to what have caused the confrontation. The thugs seem to get offended by nothing at all and begin punching the hippies, beating them to the ground, kicking them in all directions, and taking their belongings. Meanwhile, bystanders are watching and laughing at what is happening.

It is quite disturbing to watch but it is undeniable that this kind of thing happens all the time. To see six men against two is disgusting and probably would not have happened if the situation was slightly different. Not one of the “thugs” were scary looking at all. In fact, they were small and many would bet they would not win in a fight if they were in a one on one confrontation. It took six of the little men to feel confident enough to be involved in a fight against two men who obviously are not fighting material. Why is it that a big muscular man is never in a fight, but it always seems to be the small defenseless types that want to prove they can be tough by fighting, as long as they have a gang to back them up and make them seem stronger?

In society, in some cases, an unnecessary fight brought on by only one group only occurs between two certain types of people. In cases like this, one is aggressive and one is not. Obviously the one thug in the video is the only one who seems to want to punch the daylights out of these two people who are not even a threat in any way. The two hippies were an obvious target for these thugs, knowing that they would not fight back. Some people, like the two hippies, do not fight back for two reasons. They do not fight back because they are afraid to get in trouble, or they do not know anything about defending themselves.

Sadly, both parties are pathetic people. The thugs are pathetic because this is not how society is supposed to be and they only targeted people who they knew would be defenseless. They were all obviously adults, but not acting like it and cannot be seen as a productive part in making society a better place. The hippies are pathetic because they do not do anything to protect themselves. When someone shows a thug that they are weak and defenseless, that gives the thug more reason to attack you. Whether or not someone should fight back can be debatable depending on what someone’s beliefs are on the subject, but some can agree that it is necessary to fight back.

Which would someone prefer, being attacked and possibly get seriously injured or killed? Or fight back and make the attacker think twice about what they are doing? Just because someone fights back does not mean the attacker will stop, but it could possibly save someone’s life and the attacker may have second thoughts on possibly doing it again, afraid they have targeted the wrong person.

Would the situation not have occurred if the hippies were “rednecks” who were carrying? Would the thugs have attacked them if there were more than just two of them? What if the two hippies were martial arts experts? No matter what the situation could have been, this is not what society needs. The fact that this had occurred right down the road from the police station and there are witnesses doing nothing about it is disturbing as well.

What society needs are people who are willing to make society a better place, people who will stand up for other people. Violence is used only during appropriate situations and in this case, it was inappropriately used for no apparent reason at all other than to beat someone to the ground to make them feel better about themselves. This video just goes to show how disgusting and immature some people can be. An intelligent person would understand that there was absolutely no need for this to happen and the only thing this video of six thugs beating up two hippies can portray is how modern society is headed in the wrong direction if people do not take action against it.

By Brittany Varner-Miller