Bill Watterson: Calvin and Hobbes Creator Creating ‘New Art’

Bill Watterson: Calvin and Hobbes Creator Creating "New Art"Recently Calvin and Hobbes fans have been given a reason in which to rejoice with Bill Watterson seemingly coming out of retirement. Those dedicated fans are more than aware of the fact that the creator of the Calvin and Hobbes comics ended his career nearly two decades ago when the popularity of Calvin and Hobbes had reached its peak. However, Watterson will be embarking on a new journey after being presented with an opportunity that the cartoonist simply could not turn down. After some seventy cartoonist that were interviewed, Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson joins co-directors Dave Kellet and Fred Schroeder in creating a seemingly new art exhibition in the Stripped documentary. With the launch of this project Watterson has already produced the artwork for the Stripped poster, which features what appears to be adult like Calvin and Hobbes characteristics.

According to sources, Stripped is projected to be a full-length documentary of the best cartoonists from around the world. In addition, the film is rumored to include the only documented auditory recording of Watterson. When discussing the matter Watterson noted, “When put in the right hands, comics strips capture a sense of beauty and elegance that I’d put up against any other form of art.” Also speaking on the issue was co-director Schroeder who noted,” Watterson seemingly wanted to express some of his insight about certain aspects of cartooning and comics, such as where they’ve been and which direction they seem to be heading.”  Mr. Schroeder then when on to elaborate on certain elements of this new art creation that Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson has joined.

Schroeder started his discussion of the project by noting that the film entitled Stripped has gone through a process in which the documentary has essentially matured from its original concept. “Originally we had wanted to make a documentary about the studio spaces of artists.” He then goes on to mention that it was with the help of cartoonist Dave Kellet that the documentary was able to take its current direction. Fred Schroeder further elaborates on the documentary saying that it is a collection of comic strips and their creators, as well as a documentary on the many different aspects of comics including the evolution of its medium, the comics migration to the internet, and the current generation of artists.

Also speaking on the matter was Dave Kellet who noted, “We kind of live in this magical time period where everyone can do everything themselves. In a sense digital  distribution has changed everything.” It comes as no surprise then the co-directors have utilized this opportunity by offering their documentary on several different platforms in addition to their DVD sales, which is expected to include extended footage of the cartoonists interviewed. According to sources, Stripped became available on iTunes at midnight on Wednesday, and it is projected that the DVD will be ready for sales on April 2.

Considering that this new art creation has seemingly forced Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson out of retirement, Stripped is a must watch documentary that everyone could enjoy. According to those involved in the project, it is “a letter of love addressed to comic strips.”

By Aaron Weis

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