Billy Ray Cyrus Twerks His Way Back to the Charts

Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus is the latest comeback to hit the charts as he twerks his way back to fame. The question remains is his music video satire or a serious stab at reinvention?

The appearance of Larry King at the start of the video hints that it is satirical. Some commentators are dubbing it a “sequel”. USA Today noted, “The response to the song on Twitter has not been exactly welcoming”.

The video is a remix of the singer’s most famous song, ‘Achy Break Heart’ which was a country hit in 1992. In the video, Billy Ray can be seen rocking with rapper Buck 22, who is just a year older than his daughter, Miley Cyrus.

Rapper Buck 22 also shares Miley Cyrus’ musical pedigree. He is the son of well-known R&B singer Dionne Warwick. The children of famous musicians often rely on outlandish publicity stunts to separate them from their parents’ musical legacy. While Buck 22 might have succeeded in doing just this, the same cannot be said of Mr. Cyrus. He appears all too eager to embrace his daughter’s music preferences.

The music video showcases a dancer in a black thong as she twerks to the camera, courting controversy—arguably Billy Ray Cyrus’ only way back to the charts. The comeback bears all the hallmarks of a midlife crisis. Clinical professor of psychiatry, Calvin Colarusso notes a midlife crisis typically happens when a man turns 40. However, it can also occur until the age of 55 in some cases. Miley’s dad turns 53 in August this year, which means he is still within the age range.

The signs of a midlife crisis vary, but mainly a man feels the urge to radically change his life in a relatively short period of time. This leads to some men making unusual choices, which resemble the decisions a rebellious teenager might make. One sure sign is the feeling of being trapped and the temptation to act out in ways that might negatively impact friends and family. It’s common for men to become more concerned with their appearance. They desire excitement in their lives, actively thrill seeking to satisfy this need. In extreme cases this behavior sometimes leads to affairs or divorces.

In late June 2013, it was reported that the singer’s wife had filed for divorce. However, just ten days later the couple was spotted on a family outing looking happy. This was not the first time divorce rumors rocked the couple. In 2010, Trish Cyrus also filed for divorce before they reconciled in 2011. The couple’s marital problems could be impacted by the stress of working in entertainment. However, the tension might also point to something deeper within their dynamic. The singer is certainly at the age when midlife crisises happen. Trish and Billy Ray Cyrus have been married for almost 20 years. Only in recent years have they made headlines for marital discord.

Experts say that men can avoid  the negative  repercussions of a midlife crisis  by talking about their true feelings. Just because a man feels a certain way, doesn’t mean he has to act out how he feels. Sharing fears about aging can help bridge the gap and lessen the temptation to act out or self-destruct.

For Miley’s part, she has praised her parents for their unconditional love, especially in the face of public backlash following her controversial performances. For all their wild appearances, it seems Billy Ray Cyrus and his family are a supportive bunch, ready to defend the head of the household as he twerks his way back to the charts.

By Simone Innamorati


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