Verizon Wireless Offers New Perks for Customers


Verizon Wireless revealed a plan on Thursday called More Everything, which will offer new perks for customers that include price cuts, more data, and more cloud storage. Data allowance will double for some customers in the new plans, and there will be discounts for some subscribers. The move by the massive mobile network company comes in response to the ongoing price war involving other wireless carriers.

More Everything is a new plan that intends to give customers more options and discounts. The new plan is an attempt to provide Verizon customers with “all the tools people need when they use their smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.” A discount of $3 a month is offered for free usage of up to 25GB of cloud storage in the new plan. Also, the plan includes a few new additions including “unlimited international text, video, and picture messaging to its unlimited domestic plans.”

The increased data allowance is one of the main perks in the More Everything plan. Customers get to choose from new data allowances: $15 for 250MB, $30 for 500MB, $40 for 1GB, $50 for 2GB, or $60 for 3GB.

Existing customers who are on the Share Everything plans will automatically be moved over to the new More Everything plan. Customers who are currently signed up with Edge, a monthly payment option that allows customers to upgrade their phones with greater ease, will be awarded a bonus for the More Everything plan. Some Edge subscribers are eligible to receive “$10 off monthly smartphone access.” Parents can set their children’s phone limits in the Family Base package, which is $5 per month in the new plan.

With Verizon Wireless offering new perks for its subscribers in the More Everything plan today, it comes as a strategic move to keep its customers from leaving. Verizon has seen a trend of some of its lower-revenue customers switching to other rival companies because of prices. More Everything is attempting to offer subscribers more for their money in order to make the wireless provider more attractive and competitive in the market.

The competitive cell phone industry has become caught in a recent price war involving Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. The market is fierce for cellular carriers right now because there are few customers up for grabs. This has the carriers actively competing in an attempt to pick up customers from their rivals.

Verizon Wireless was recently challenged by the Super Bowl ads made by T-Mobile, who offered to pay up to $650 in termination fees so that customers could leave Verizon. T-Mobile, who currently sits at fourth place among the top carriers, attempted to pick up Verizon’s frustrated customers who wanted to switch providers. T-Mobile also urged customers to switch from Verizon because they offer unlimited data in a wireless plan.

Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest wireless provider, made a significant move in the ongoing price war by offering new perks for customers in the More Everything plan. Verizon describes their new plan as “the next leap forward with more storage, more messaging, and more choice,” which is all on their large network. Users will get more for their money under the new plan, but customers who want to pay less for their coverage could still possibly look elsewhere. The More Everything plan is available now.

By Glen Parris