Boeing Brings James Bond Spy Phone


James Bond probably just exists in reel but his gadgets are now real, thanks to Boeing. The Aerospace and defense company has developed a spy phone named ‘Black’ for super secure communication. This android smart phone will have the ability to destroy itself when an attempt is made to break into the phone by any unauthorized individual.

To keep this mission confidential, Boeing silently filed documents with Federal Communications Commission FCC and requested them to keep it under cover. In a letter attached with the documents Boeing said, “Boeing’s Black phone will be sold primarily to government agencies and companies engaged in contractual activities with those agencies that are related to defense and homeland security”. This clearly means that it will not be available for general public.

Inspired from an airplane’s black boxes, Boeing’s Android smart phone ‘Black’ is a tamper resistant hardened device. The smart phone will be sold as a sealed device and doesn’t come with any replaceable or serviceable parts. The device will have epoxy casing and tamper proof screws to identify any attempted disassembly. Whenever any attempt is made to break open the case or the device is tampered the phone will automatically destroy itself and delete all the data and software. The device and its features seem to feel as if it has altogether jumped right out of a James Bond movie flick.

Some of the other features mentioned in the enclosed letter are dual SIM functionality and capability to operate on multiple networks like GSM, LTE and WCDMA. It is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled with HDMI port and comes with multiple layers of security and embedded hardware for securely handling sensitive data.

In an attempt to safeguard the technical information of Boeing’s ‘Black,’ any technical or operational information will not be made publicly available. The company would also insist on its users to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Boeing which will prevent them from revealing any software, hardware related information about the smart phone with any other individual.

In a recent statement, Boeing’s spokesperson said they released this modular smart phone to meet increasing security needs of its customers to exchange confidential information on a trusted mobile device and Boeing has developed this device based on its extensive experience in information assurance, advanced technology partners, some based in the US.

Most of Boeing’s current clients are in sectors where confidentiality and security is at a premium. To meet the increasing demand for safe and secure communication of critical data, Boeing partnered with Android approximately two years ago. The team came up with a plan of developing a communication device that can be used by its clients in defense, intelligence and government sectors to share critical and confidential information securely.

Boeing plans to keep ‘Black’ in the lower price range as compared to some of the military grade security devices which are available between $15,000 and $ 20,000. Boeing’s android smart phone ‘Black’ is not only intended for spy’s like James Bond but could be a potential competition to current BlackBerry phones used by government agencies.

By Daris Abraham

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