Boeremag Arms Uncovered After Seven Years

Boeremag Weapons

South Africa, the Hawks (Special Police Services) said arms belonging to the Boeremag had been uncovered nearly seven years after an intense investigation. The supposed gun find on a farm in Middelburg, Mpumalanga was discovered over the weekend.

The Police have confirmed the firearms cache and said that no arrests have been made. The place where the guns were found is on a farm with no residential building, and only offered an overnight  facility for hikers. Canon barrels, ammunition and a CS grenade were some of the items uncovered as mentioned in the extremely vague statement from the Hawks.

It was alleged that Herman Van Rooyen and Rudi Gouws members of the Boeremag bomb squad hid the firearms during their escape in 2005. According to the Hawks, a discovery during the latter part of the trial indicated that there was another batch of arms that remained uncovered and hidden by the Boeremag members. Van Rooyen and Gouws were captured after their flight and are currently serving their sentences in prison.

The disclosure of this realization comes three months after the sentencing of the Boeremag Members, which remained the lengthiest trial in South Africa. The report of the current weapons stockpile is looked upon as a suspicious move by the Crime Intelligence to convince the world once again about the dangerous Boeremag members. This situation is nothing more than ANC government trying to scare the majority of people into submission.

The Boeremag do not constitute a threat to South Africa and are a mirage set up by military and police during the transition from apartheid to democracy. In their attempt to blow up a railway line, one person died, and that was not their intent. Their plan to overthrow the government was nothing more than a show of manipulation by the security forces that gave rise to the Boeremag. The Boeremag is not a single political organization but rather a phantom threat to South Africa.

The outrage of the weapons supply comes a few months before the elections and could easily be a manipulated move by the African National Congress (ANC) to strengthen their political power. This information is considered a sham, an attempt to stir up racial fears and convince the majority that there is the power over the minority parties in the country.

The Hawks confirmed in their statement that their team found the weapons after an intensive intelligence driven inquiry that continued for a few months. The comprehensive intelligence driven investigation reveal the dilemma of the police services in the country. It is true that the police services have failed the South African people and that their intelligence driven investigations are a deception within the judicial system.

The Boeremag members are once again the subject of speculative propaganda. It was detected that all the weapons and ammunition that these members had access to were recovered and accounted for during 1997.

This notion of weapons being uncovered after an interval of seven years is a reason to put the Boeremag members in a bad light during a critical time when discussions on cultural and workable solutions are being sought for all minority groups of South Africa.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

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  1. funquin   February 6, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Laura, thank you for setting the record straight. This is real journalism at it’s best! You deserve an award for this.
    Thank you!

  2. attie   February 6, 2014 at 1:14 am

    Die hele vervolging van sg.Boeremag lede i s alles n opgemaakte en beplande storie van die verloopte regerings polisiemanne

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