Boiler Room Brings Clubbing Online [Videos]

Boiler Room

From shopping to watching movies to dating to school to chatting, it seems everything can be done online in this day and age and thanks to Boiler Room, clubbing can be added to that list. For the past year, the Boiler Room has been providing an online clubbing experience on their website to people worldwide, which has slowly started to pick up as a trend.

The events Boiler Room hosts are more than just an avenue for introverts looking to fulfill their nightlife without having to awkwardly attempt to socialize with a packed club of extroverted party-goers. Instead, the Boiler Room is a space for people worldwide to share their love for music.

The group was started by Blaise Bellville in London, UK,  known for founding Platform, a webzine. Bellville wanted the artists to hang out without getting a crowd of cameras flashing in their faces and it also allowed them to perform to each other. The participating musicians have grown to love it as it provides a break from the packed crowds, while giving them the opportunity to deliver their art to a space.

Bellville said every musician must experience Boiler Room because it brings more license than other live platforms. Mainstream artists such as British house music producer and DJ Carlo Cox and post rock and electronic musician Four Tet have already headlined a party. Perseus, Sweater Beats, SBTRKT, Nicolas Jaar, and Jamie XX are other underground electronic acts that have brought the world together through Boiler Room’s online clubbing.

The group has also experimented with hip-hop from private homes of the artists and has featured producer Just Blaze, who performed with rapper and producer Flying Lotus. Mobb Deep also came out to a Boiler Room party last year.

The online clubbing phenomenon began in London and now has expanded its location to New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, and they also broadcast their show in various countries. Boiler Room, in essence, mixes the bass culture of the U.K., the growing techno community of Berlin and underground artistry of the U.S. They boast themselves as “the most comprehensive underground broadcaster in the world,” uninfluenced by commercial needs.

They are partnered with YouTube and Red Bull Music among many other affiliations. Their YouTube channel is growing by 5,000 subscribers weekly. The live shows are accessible worldwide; however, they can be attended by invite only .

In the parties, instead of a stage with musicians guarded by security, is a stage that acts as a dance floor for those lucky enough to attend the live broadcast. The videos themselves have a basement, “let me show you my beats kind of vibe,” with the artists front and center as the primary focus and the crowd all bobbing their heads and dancing in the background. Scroll to the 17 minute mark in the below video if an adrenaline rush is desired.

The online clubbing experience has only just begun to get picked up with Boiler Room adding various artists to the list each month. The next set will be on Feb. 25 in London featuring Will Saul whose debut album in 2005 was fittingly geared towards home audiences than the dance floor. Paul Demac, Apple Blim, and Komon will also bring their sounds to the evening’s festivities.

By Kollin Lore

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