Boston Celtics That Should Not Be Traded

Boston CelticsCeltics who Should Not be TradedBoston Celtics that have been mentioned in trade rumors the most have been Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green, this article explores why trading those two should not happen. The idea that Rondo gets traded at all is absurd. He is the two time league leader in assists, and probably would have been the leader in assists this year too, if he had been healthy. The scary thing is that he might be able to catch the league leader in assists by the end of the year even though he did miss most of the year due to an ACL tear.

Jeff Green shouldn’t be traded either, because this is a guy who can erupt for 30+ points in a game at just about any time. Most recently, he went off for 36 points on 11 of 18 shooting, eight rebounds, two assists and two blocks over 35 minutes on Wednesday night.

He doesn’t put up those kind of numbers on a nightly basis, and that’s a problem for people. He has his off nights, and gets criticized when he does, however people forget that he spent much of this season without his primary quarterback.

Last Wednesday against Philadelphia, Green and Rondo both were impressive.  Rondo totalling eight points, 11 assists and nine rebounds over 32 minutes of play, and as previously mentioned, Green had a very efficient night too. Pundits will say that their trade stock is perfect right now, try persuading everyone else that it’s the perfect time to “sell high” on these two. That is because Rondo and Green are playing pretty solid basketball right now and their stock price is up and this is a team in transition.

The reason these particular Boston Celtics should not be traded is because these two are capable of superstar numbers, they have time together, are familiar with one another, are in rebuilding together. These two guys, as well as a solid young core surrounding them, such as Sullinger, Bass, Bradley, Humphries, Bayless, and Olynyk are easily able to pick up the slack, should the need arise.

When Rondo came back, in his first game, he was made team Captain. The Boston Celtics do not trade their Captains. They might trade anyone else, but not the Captain. Paul Pierce held the post for 15 years. Those who suggest anything to do with a Rondo trade don’t know anything about the Boston Celtics. Danny Ainge signed Jeff Green to the nine mil a year because he saw that Jeff Green is one of those transcendent players who can go from good to great on any given night.

Trading either of those players would be a great mistake by Danny Ainge because he knows a player like Rondo doesn’t just come around often, but is a very rare type of player. With a pass-first mentality, desire to dominate the game from tip to final buzzer in every facet, and with Jeff Green, a player who thrives with a pass-first guard who challenges him to be in the spots that he is most productive, and dares him to be the great player he knows that Jeff Green can be.

With Rondo  and Green running the floor with Sullinger, Bradley and Bass, as well as Kris Humphries there is every reason to keep these two Boston Celtics and not trade them, as that, on any other team, would be a great starting five with a very solid sixth man coming off the bench.  Green can be great at anytime, especially with the walking triple-double threat Rondo setting him and his teammates up.

By: Justin Watts


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